Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 7 Cooper Black is for Lovers

I've been thinking about my brother a lot lately. I miss him and his family and wish I could see them this summer but it'll have to wait til Fall.
My brother always has the best intentions when it comes to gifts but he can never deliver them on time. I've gotten birthday presents (October 1) when I came home for Christmas.  His birthday is days after mine so you'd think it's not a surprise on the deadline, but anyway....
These Hatch Show Print postcards were no exception but they mean a lot to me since Matt was traveling in a bus and he brought these with me.  I stayed to see him perform for the church service and it was so nice to have him sit with me during the sermon.  Since he's married now, I don't get many chances to be with him by myself so I really liked being able to sit with my brother that day last year. _______________________ _________________________________

Day 6 Baseball

When I think of the love of the game, I first think of my cousin Chris, who would come over to watch my brother and me and we would always play baseball.  He kept every uniform from the YMCA teams he was on and played in through high school.  It was this passion that drove him into journalism, since in the beginning he hoped to be a sports writer.
My second thoughts of baseball are how my last summer in Savannah, I was able to go to the games often 2 or 3 times a week.  This is what I refer to as feeding the beast. I LOVE BASEBALL.  I even convinced the Scottish boyfriend it was the cheapest bar in town and he learned to love it!
My third thought of baseball is family, my family would go to Ranger games every summer and enjoy sitting in the cheap seats and watching the games.  Even though Dad loves baseball as much as Mom, I have many a memory of hitting a few parks, just the two of us, especially on our Route 66 trip--Arlington, St. Louis, as well as Anaheim and Los Angeles.
I had fun tonight with Mike and it was a night where added memories will come into play since we had plenty of entertainment around us in the stands! _______________________ _________________________________

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 5-Street Festival:Senses

Tonight was pretty amazing for a city event.  The theme was a beach party and the venue was complete with all things beach related.  There was a mechanical surf simulator -like a mechanical bull, a pool to dip in and sand to play in, not to mention lifeguards perched in the middle of the street.  What beach scene isn't complete with out some beach balls and these rogue ones were hiding/resting behind one of the food trucks at the festival.  Even though I have left theatre work, I still feel more comfortable back stage than in front.  It still feels weird to walk into a theatre through the front of the house versus the backstage door.  That statement probably explains how I ended up taking this picture, in the quiet of the festival, behind all that was going on "in front of house".  It was a great summer night to have fun and I can't wait to see what next month's street festival with a vegas theme will look like! _______________________ _________________________________

Day 4 Steel Magnolias

Yesterday was a long one so here is the post that didn't get made last night. People who know me know of the ennui and melancholy setting in through the books I'm reading, what I'm eating, etc.  I miss the South and no longer wish to be in SoCal and it shows.  Yesterday morning I took a pic of the Magnolias in my apartment complex.  The smell takes me back to living in my house on Warren Circle.  It later takes me to Savannah and a night a spend with Matt where his broke a little piece of my heart but hey that's par for the course.  I've always taken pics of Magnolias, hoping that one day I'd have the perfect pic to frame and put in my formal dining room--still working on both those items. _______________________ _________________________________

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Against All Odds- The Postal Service

I have ennui for some strange but telling reason.  Feeling homesick or at least displaced, got ready for bed and then by chance, finished This American Life's Podcast on Breakups and this was what closed out the show.  I was still in Texas when Phil Collins came out with this, and I think we had a couple of his albums from the album of the month club.  Interesting sound and update:

_______________________ _________________________________

Pic 3 of 30 day challenge, My View

I just moved house last month and am back to living alone.  I enjoy having pets and a room mate but I like the quiet and choices I have when I live alone.  I used to move every 6 months or so with working summer stock theatre and going to school, so I have a collection of pictures that need to be organized that are all my views from where I was living and working at any point in my adult life.  This may not be the best view or picture, but it's something familiar to add to the category MY VIEW.  I still think back to one of my favs at work- the top view of the old masonic temple in Minneapolis.  It had a corner where an old overstuffed chair sat and my boss would smoke and I'd sit and watch the sunset.  I still think about those times when I watch sunrises and sunsets and cherish my friendships from that internship and my travels all over the country. _______________________ _________________________________

Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 2 or 3-Monday Night

30 day challenge is not going well. I am a terrible one to start a new habit-good or bad.  They say it takes 30 to 40 days to create everlasting change and my friend has already stopped or given up on his 30 days of photo.  I find that I am exhausted most days and although there is not the need to set up shots or plan, as an amateur photog, I AM PICKY!  I laugh at myself since I tend to tell people when they look at my work-"these are just snapshots"-wanting to differentiate my art from my everyday life, but the two seem to intertwine more and in mysterious ways.

Tonight, I crashed when I got home from work, and took a long nap.  I woke up and forced myself to head over to Proxart Mag's new edition launch party.  It was a beautiful night and I enjoyed the company and the wine, which then led me to a hankering for late night Taco Bell.  This snap was taken while waiting to order. The wait was long and I loved the fact that when the cashier took my money and dropped the change, I stated he was high and there was no denial.  Gotta love what some people do to get through the day or the shift.  Fast food indulgence was great but it makes me think that along with the 30 day photo challenge, I need to get back on the little red wagon so to speak- thanks Luke Burbank and TBTL! and do the workout and good food thing for the rest of July and into August.  I'm currently jealous of a friend who has done a 90 day dvd challenge and looks great! Inspiration and challenge, all in a beautiful summer night! _______________________ _________________________________

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Heaven by Brandi Carlile

Just watched the series finale of Friday Night Lights and really loved hearing this during the Seven/Julie proposal at the Alamo Freeze.

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