Saturday, December 31, 2011

Covers: Baby It's Cold Outside

Someone was singing this in the breakroom at work and I began to wonder how many covers of this song are out there and here's a few...
My first memory of hearing this song was actually from the show Boston Common where Anthony Clark's character sang with with Shelly Long, but the webs didn't come through with that tv classic.

Here's one of my favs:

And then there is this one:
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Friday, December 30, 2011

What are you doing New Year's Eve-Can't stop the feet!


Don't know if I will be dancing on New Year's but I would love to-love to celebrate life, moving, and being with friends as well a new starts!
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Friday, December 2, 2011


Yesterday was a great day filled with many women and many things to embrace. A friend joked that my blog post was shorter than any of my tweets for the day. I was busy as a volunteer and was challenged while working to make
those TED connections but the overall message was about partnerships, mentorships and communication.  TEDxWomen was also about interesting women doing interesting things and being influenced by their mothers and grandmothers to do and take risks no matter what-even if it's the hard way.

I participated in a talkback or break out session and learned more about Domestic Violence that I ever had in the past as this is a subject that, like many others, don’t want to hear about or put on the table. Chrysalis CEO Patricia Klahr was amazing.  In a time of trouble for non profits, I can see why Chrystalis is doing so well and it has a lot to do with the dynamic speaking of it’s CEO. She was the first to talk about the importance of mentorship and volunteerism.  Verizon is a big supporter as this is one of the causes the corporation supports.  Facts that came to light was that one in three women are touched by domestic abuse and that Arizona is number 2 of the fifty states of deaths due to domestic violence and that Scottsdale is the highest in the nation.  In recognizing that domestic abuse is more than physical, the Chrystalis shelter is also progressive in that the new facility is now taking in male victims, where Patricia says that both sexes find strength through each other in the program.  Many questions focused on symptoms or signs and it was more about the idea that we need to reach out to those we think may be in trouble and say something.

I felt so lucky yesterday to be where I am in time and space (2011 America). After hearing female journalists Shahira Amin and Gayle Tzemach Lemmon.  THey talked and featured stories of lady entrepreneurs and those stepping out into polictics-odd that women are half the population yet the numbers in business and government do not reflect this. The talks also reminded me of a conversation ten years ago where earlier female artists couldn’t understand why my generation in not wanting to be identified as feminist -that I was seeing myself not as a woman but as an artist, but to me that is progress.

Another message that ran through was the idea of girls and women learning how to advocate for themselves and to teach girls how to recognize healthy relationships. This idea which seems to be something that can happen at any point in our lives.  Jane Fonda also moderated a panel titled ReBirth and it was educational and inspirational to think about what the third act in life means-to keep moving, learning and staying active.  One fact thrown out is that we are living almost 30 years longer than her great-great-grandparents and we should take that information and start asking what does that mean.

The last panel theme of ReImagine was the reason why I volunteered in the first place.  I heard from two ladies from HomeGirl Cafe who demonstrated that with resilience anyone can change their life around.  I saw the three winners of the google science fair that all happened to be female.  I heard from Shamila Kohestani, a woman who craved education and a chance to move and in so doing became the captain of the first women’s Afgahn National Soccer Team.
If today is any indication of what's to come the future looks very promising I'm very optimistic. _______________________ _________________________________

Thursday, December 1, 2011

TEDx Women

All day its been very interesting. Checkout the tweets _______________________ _________________________________

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

#30 Day PhotoChallenge--Remember November last of the trilogy

I have fallen in love with my new camera-the IPhone4S.  It’s taken me into the 21st century and the pictures I am able to document are unbelievable.
So here goes the rundown:
Had a night in the PJs again with my homemade stew and a little bourbon and coke
Went to trivia and hit up the taco truck before Thanksgiving but the truck ran outta food
Thanksgiving at Scott’s aka @InkGigolo with @LadyDucayne mole new fav for T-dinner
Sat with my fav coworker at the end of Black Friday on the patios in Awesometown
started the day with brunch that made me homesick for Savannah
I got a tree
Had a dark day and so featured Bo not Beau-short for Boeing
Came home to a wonderful sunset and a beautiful winter night _______________________ _________________________________

Monday, November 28, 2011

Homesick Breakfast

I always hated it when a certain someone would say home is where you hang your hat but 
sometimes I CAN relate.  --this weekend I headed out to do my usual "row the boat" and we had the typical fallout of someone flaking and outta town and another who forgot since their phone was outta order.  Fellow rowing club member thought we should just blame it on her baby-"doing baby things".
Since we were shy the number we needed to row, good friend and myself sent the rest of the group out on the water and we went to breakfast.
Joni's in Marina del Rey is right down from the boat launch/Mother’s Beach and it always reminds me of Savannah and Clary’s.  Both places have a bunch of locals and eclectics as well as tourists and it seems that I always know or run into someone there.  The coffee is great and the food is good-my favorite plate  at Joni’s is the egg sandwich or the berries and waffles where as at Clary’s, I seem to go for the stuffed french toast or eggs toast and bacon. That being said it’s about the people and the magic that is there that brings it all together to become a vortex for a salon type gathering of creatives.  It never fails that when I go to Joni’s it makes me want to be back in Savannah and have an ice tea to go in a styrofoam cup that lasts all afternoon!
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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Traditions

Soooo here is MY tradition. I created it myself a few years ago. I recall once that my cousin told me her first Thanksgiving from home was awful. She told me you really miss your family and it's rough.  But, after a couple of memorable Thanksgivings where I busted a hump to get home, not sleep in my bed and see my parents stress and get into an argument one year over potatoes, I decided it really wasn't worth it for one meal together.  Now I cherish the time I'm with people all year long and often I spend most of Thanksgiving alone.

I get many invitations to people's dinners since they are aware that I don't have family here and they want to share the holiday.  Great! but give me the morning-where I now I have tea with milk and scones with clotted cream and jam.  I sit in my pj's and enjoy the tea and watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

I've watched the parade since I was a kid.  Mom didn't realize til last night I always loved it since it gave me a pulse and preview of what was on Broadway.  Between that and the Radio City Rockettes it really sums up what and where I wanted to be when I grew up.  Although I haven't made it New York- to live and work that is- I still love to bring the childhood and adult tradition together. _______________________ _________________________________

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Covers: The Kills- Crazy

When I think of Patsy Cline, I think mostly of my cross country trip from Chicago to Los Angeles in my Chevy S10 and my brother buying cassettes of Patsy at gas stations and us listening to them over and over on that trip. That and the jerky move he made of seeing if I could drive through all of Utah with something in my teeth and not telling me.
Patsy can be a little sad and overwhelming- she never seemed to be lucky in love on her albums but I can relate. I started out as a big fan for Hart of Dixie and I still watch it but as I watched the pilot last night, I realized it was the music in that first episode that hooked me more than anything and this cover was used in the show--enjoy this cover from The Kills:

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

#30 Day PhotoChallenge--Remember November part deux

Interesting days of up and down--very very lows and very very good in the moments-
so here goes the next batch and a run down of them:

Day off-oil change that took forever and so got lunch and saw this sad reminder of how fast technology and times change--an empty phone booth--friend suggested an art installation out of it and I may just doit
Next day was a night of eats and it was all about the soda machine at WingStop
From that high I hit a major low and had a dark day-undocumented which followed up with
Mom and Dad sent me flowers to lift up my spirits and I then went on to work
Superhero third thursday, working for the city and seeing WonderWoman's invisible jet
Next day was a day of prepping for Thanksgiving and planning how to use the coupons
I then put away the dark day clothes- flannel from my teens and twenties as well as a sweater
     I always know when I'm getting down because the clothes come out
Sunday resulted in a store meeting and many people texting each other in that meeting
Late night meeting going to early morning work and rough day resulting in HAPPY HOUR Monday
and couple of sailor jerry rum and cokes....

Can't wait to look back on the rest of November to Remember! _______________________ _________________________________

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Covers: The Lennings- You're The One That I Want

Love watching water boil!
Who knew this could be sexy and relevant slow and acoustic...

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Black Keys- Lonely Boy

Who knew that these guys would find such a large audience.
I was home yesterday and caught an interview with the fella in this viral video on Ellen. He's living the dream out here in California- so I guess ya never know when a dream may come true or in what form it will come....

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Monday, November 14, 2011

#30 Day PhotoChallenge--Remember November

It’s now looking like creating a habit for me takes longer than thirty days. The last challenge was great because it excited my friend and he was taking lots of photos. I was taking only a few a day. It did however inspire lots of others to document their lives as well-very interesting to see the butterfly’s wings in action....

Another friend challenged me again this November and since I was getting my first smart phone I was excited to document the month and take on another 30 day challenge-for me I need an exercise buddy so to speak or more importantly, I need the competition.

And so here it is so far:
My mini business cards arrived.
I went to Creative Mornings LA at Night.
I stayed in and enjoyed having the remote all to myself.
My fortune helped support and back the 3 hour conversation I had with a friend right
before this challenge, where he told me to stop trying.
I worked the Santa Clarita Marathon for the 2nd year and the start was amazing even in the rain.
I had fun with my food.
I saw some sticker punk had posted this in the parking lot-good ending to the day.
Start of my day the next day was summed up with trash on a welcome mat.
I had a fabulous night of food and friends for ArtWalk Downtown LA.
I stayed in and had an early night in my pjs.
I slept most of the day and then went to an old coworkers wedding reception that night-at the Dalmatian American Club- hallway had a grandfather clock.
And I found out the lead genius at my store is a prop comic, giving me this candy in the breakroom and trying to joke around.

An there is the recap of the month of November so far--I’ve been tired but it’s been good over all and I’m trying to stop trying. _______________________ _________________________________

Sunday, November 6, 2011

My year of statuses on the tweeps

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Trip to Milwaukee Art Museum 2

The weekend was good! -I came home for a wedding and a visit with the family.  The wedding reception was at the Milwaukee Zoo and it was beautiful.  The hall was big and the weather was gorgeous.
Saturday we went to the gift opening but then had an early dinner as we were 5 plus a baby-a very tired baby from the night before- she wouldn't give up, trying to keep pace with her Croatian cousins.
Dinner was a birthday celebration since myself, my brother and my sister in law all have birthdays in the first two weeks of October.  We were all full and instead of having full plates, we hit the small plates menu and were not disappointed. We went to my restaurant request, CrazyWater,  since when I was visiting on my birhtday 3 years ago we went there.
We ate well! --Hoppin John Shrmimp and Grits, Ginger Chicken Wantons, grilled artichokes,
the day's special Tacos, and a Cheese Tart plus the waitress brought us a molten chocolate cake!

The next day I met up with the neice and sister in-law at a place called HoneyPie.  The family loves this place but has never taken me there before.  Who knew you could get some great Southern tastes in Milwaukee.  I had the ham biscuit with egges and potatoes and the biscuit was amazing.  Dad had the biscuits and gravy and the ladies had breakfast burritos.
Last request on this weekend was to go the the Milwaukee Art Museum.  It's a favorite haunt of mine with great American painters as well as an interesting collection of German especially Fauvist painting.  I was interested in the photography exhibit-Taryn Simon: Photographs and Texts and all we could wonder is how does this artist get access to the places she photographs?
They were beautiful but in an ironic twist- the information next to the photos was so small and placed on uneven walls that it was hard to read.  It has become obvious that the trend is for curators that hate info cards to get rid of them or place them where the observer can't get the desired info quickly but to make it so small one almost needed a magnifying glass is a little ridiculous when the background of the artist talks of how much research she does.
Then I had to ask where this was since the hallway it was placed in is an area we don't normally walk through anymore.  The Chinese statues were fun and a way to interact with art and statement of the artist in an interesting way.
Once again, the Milwaukee Art Museum didn't disappoint since I also checked out the kids room and went to the Kohl's Art Studio.  There was art-both seeing and making (printmaking that is)-A true original by Erin Scott _______________________ _________________________________

Monday, October 10, 2011

My Birthday

Here's how my Saturday went! The picture on the left pretty much sums up how the day went. It's been a bad technology day, turning into a week and now possibly the month!

Working in sound means that you are at the mercy of technology and so here's what I experienced:

- tested burned dvd and back up on computer
won't play in both dvd players I have in my possession

- projector you've borrowed and replaced the bulb
on, won't power on due to having to reset the
lamp count with a remote that was never with
the device

OK-MOVE TO PLAN B: just audio-sync the audio off the project and put it on the ipod, pack everything up and head south about an hour. Then come to find out, the site is isolated and won't really work for what is needed. Then I call the event coordinators, trying to say I'm out, I'm done, forget it, I give up BUT
they find me another site and so I start to set up, pulling power from the second socket of a lightpost, WHERE there is already a guy successfully pulling power-SOOOOO
I go to set up and come to find out, there is no power coming from the other outlet and this is all for naught! BAD TECHNOLOGY! most entertaining was the texts my girls sent me including WTF! AW!
and my fave-is the projector working!--LOL!
Mom told me to smile and document it and so here it is documented! She didn't want to soak the stress that I was dealing with but was REALLY impressed that I don't give up and keep fighting til the very end.  Currently though, I'm wondering when to fight and when to call it stupidity when not cutting your losses earlier! _______________________ _________________________________

Monday, October 3, 2011

Row!~time to row the boat!

People joke with me and ask when "I'm on a boat". Many do not understand why so late in life, I started rowing with Los Angeles Rowing Club. I was surprised myself even though I knew I needed something that would be individual in ability and team-like in accountability. When you have 7 people waiting on you on the beach, you have to get yourself out of bed! The surprise has come from the friendships formed on a different level. We don't see each other in everyday clothes and we usually don't talk about work or everyday things but we socialize and live big when we are inside the boat and outside together. Someone from the club sent this to us this morning and it made me giggle!

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

To the person who made it possible.

here we are outside Black's BBQ

Here’s to the lady that made it all possible. Mom.  I never seem to muster up the right words or timing for writing about Mom on Mother’s Day so why not write about it on the day that she became Mom and I became, well, ME!
She is probably my biggest fan and supporter.  It meant a lot to me and I was quite a surprised when she told me that I inspired her in all the things I tried and risked.  This while she joined me on my quest to try new things and that was the year we went to Cowgirl Camp.  We weren’t the fastest or the best in riding, but we learned to do girl rodeo and barrel racing and I will always remember the nights closing the ranch bar and then putting our feet into the pool and chatting til we were sleepy.
My guess is that what motherhood is- a reciprocity.  She did such a great job that I have always known I want to be a mother.  Even though it can be exhausting and the hardest job, the payoff is you inspire them and they inspire you.  I hope I get the opportunity some day soon.  She raised me with a lot of intuition and practical sense and her own style and personality and I know that is why I am who I am today.
Thanks Anne Scott- Love, Erin Scott
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Soundwalk Today in Long Beach

Tonight is the big night for Soundwalk-fingers crossed it will be as fun as the last couple of years...


Last year's Soundwalk in Long Beach was probably my greatest success for an installation so far.  It was also as close to performance as I was comfortable with.  The work involved sounds of me eating breakfast the week before--a variety of sounds of bowl themed food-oatmeal, cold cereal, and berries with yogurt.  Although I impressed or at least pleased myself with great recording while performing, I was also a little disturbed that it only took me 3-4 minutes to eat and that my stomach and mouth played as much a part as the bowl and the spoon!  The green and blue cup also made sounds of me preparing tea and slurping it up and also preparing a refreshing glass of ginger ale!

The one thing I missed which would have been a secondary element would have been to video tape the people interacting with the work.  Many folks thought they had to trigger something, some people sat at the table and others didn't think it was working and then would light up in recognition when they could hear the spoon scraping the bowl!

SoundWalk 2010-Hot and Cold by Erin Scott

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Friday, September 30, 2011

Guest Post: my doppelgänger Erin Scott~WHAT MOVES ME TO BE ME

tomorrow is my birthday and I have asked someone I follow on twitter to write what it means to be Erin Scott and she should have a good idea since her name is also Erin Scott.  This post reminds me that yes, since I was three, I wanted to dance, be a dancer, and that sound has inspired me since I could walk.  Thank you Erinberry Scott for the birthday gift of a guest blog post.


I keep searching my backside for the switch. Or, perhaps between my shoulder blades? Do you see it? It must be there. I have to have some sort of mechanical switch.

I have this overwhelming habit of making movements to music—almost uncontrollably so.

I am immediately reminded of this toy from my childhood—Little Boppers. The commercial kills me, because I feel like that is completely ME! When the switch is on, the toy moves to whatever sounds are produced. The toy-makers intention was for the sound to be music, but, if I recall, the toy basically sensed any sound and would gyrate, as promised.

And when no noise was detected…the toy would be still. THAT IS TOALLY ME!

Now, in some ways, this is great, right? I can sit without fidgeting in that three-hour long project meeting—provided no one in the room breaks out into song. I can enjoy a nice meal out with my husband and not have to be concerned that I’ll break out into dance at the table. That is, of course, unless there is detectible move-inducing music playing. Then we’re both in trouble. Even tense action-scenes in movies: if the music or sound-effects are wicked intense, I can’t stay in my seat! I remember growing-up, I was much like my mother, in that I could not fall asleep without the TV being on. Now, I can’t sleep without being void of all stimuli. Otherwise, it’s going to be a long night.

Naturally, of course, I think we can all agree that we have our particular tastes in music. I believe I am driven to move, dance, or even adjust my posture to some kinds of music more than others. And I am not saying any one type of music is superior—but we all have that short-list of songs that move us.

Whether it be movement in our spirit, movement in our facial expression, and often for me a physical action: a dance step or two, a hug, a little game of tug-of-war with my dog, whatever….

I’ve come to the conclusion that music moves me to be me.

What song or words or vibration (yes, sound can be literally felt) or sound (I’m a fan of ocean waves crashing on the beach) will move you to be you today?

Erin Scott
Boston, MA
ebdahlia@yahoo.com _______________________ _________________________________

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hart of Dixie

September 26 is the day to be in front of the tv with the channel on CW.  My friend was lamenting this week, the end of True Blood as the season finale has come and gone and while there will be less skin on commercial tv, I have been trying to convince her to get hooked on Hart of Dixie.  
I was lucky enough to see the pilot screenings and panel discussion at the Paley Center for Media for the CW.  Most exciting which the tv guide moderator also pointed out was that the panel had two Friday Night Lights actors-both of which are in Hart of Dixie. Leila Gerstein was charming and she made the point that when she wrote the pilot, the CW was really the only network that still will air hour long comedies or more like a dramedy.  She says she really can’t write serious and it’s a treat to see this story of a fish out of water unfold.  Scott Porter also pointed out the beauty of this show in taking it’s time to tell the story-that it won’t all be packed into one hour long episode.
It takes a lot for me to commit to to follow a new hour long show, and I just hope that it finds an audience and shows that lovely slice of life in the south.  Hopefully it will have a longer run than Lonestar.  For some reason it’s hit or miss when it comes to shows about places other than New York or Los Angeles.
Pilots are an interesting thing-one has to establish characters, a backstory and the promise of a series for a network.  It amazes me how anything in this town gets a green light but I’m so glad that this story gets a chance.  You should give it one too.

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Monday, September 12, 2011

30 Day Photochallenge Revisited

Yes, I know there are only 28 but I live for symmetry
I just wanted to take a look back at my 30 day photo challenge.  
I had been toying with the idea since my week of misery at corporate headquarters for training.  I was looking for something to grab onto, something to be creative with and something to use as a touch point or at least something to ground me.  It was a few weeks later that one of my students from my first years of teaching was chatting with me over IM and was down and out as I was with not making work and a little lost.  We shook hands on it virtually and said we would start the next day.
We both failed the first day and tired a re-do and on that day it stuck, we both missed a day or two or possibly fudged a few snaps.  My point and shoot camera went out on me and I decided to blog as well, which added another element.  It was hard and it didn’t create a habit like I had hoped, but it did make me live in the moment and celebrate everyday for what it was, even the mundane.  
Others started their own 30 day photo challenge and posted to social networks.  I was inspiring friends and old students a like and that was interesting as well.  I didn’t look at my work as compositionally beautiful but more documentary.  Sometimes I cared, other times I didn’t but like the fact that it made me pause a moment every day.
My challenger got excited and engaged in art-making again. That was exciting.  One night he wrote: “look at the lives we are touching, all of our friends are doing their own photo thing. We are HEALERS Miss Scott!”
I don’t know if I’d go that far but it was great to see the butterfly effect happen in front of my eyes.
Then another ex student wrote “I want to travel the world” ~this status is actually inspired by looking at your pictures.  I love the 30 day photo challenge and everything else you’ve done.  You’re a trend setter.”  After thanking him for the pick me up for the day, I was then pinged back with “Thank you for the inspiration.” 
And later, my challenger communicated again: 
“Have you noticed that more people are posting photos everyday? --At least on my end they are.  There was a lot of talk about the 30 day photo challenge this week at work.  I was surprised people even noticed.  I have noticed more of my friends putting up pics “just for pretty pics sake”--friends that never do that stuff.
We are changing the world Miss Scott, Me and you in our own little way!-Love it.”  and his company started their own 30 day photo challenge.
My mother finally read my blog and felt like they were daily affirmations, which surprised me since many days, I felt that my blue mood.  Although I am not taking photos every day any more-IT WAS EXHAUSTING! but it has changed how I look at the world and it I still keep a busy and jam packed social life but am able to take time and appreciate all things in it and how funny and ironic reality can be at times.
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Sunday, September 11, 2011

True Sacrifice

For the last week, I have been on a media diet.  I do not need to relive what happened 10 years ago.  When I think about it, I don’t wish to share much since it sounds selfish.  I had graduated from graduate school, I was looking for work after an actor’s strike/pending writers strike in Los Angeles.  The job hunt wasn’t going well and I had flown home to see my family in Chicago.  My parents were returning from a trip as well and we met in a very open Chicago Midway Airport.  The eating area had just been remodeled and had samplings from some of the best places in Chicago.  I remember Mom’s statement of how great it was going to be and exciting it was since the renovation was complete.  Days later that would mean that no outside travelers would ever use that area again.
It was a Tuesday morning.  I know because mom had bowling and so I was to drop her off, take the car back home, clean up and then return for lunch and ladies afternoon out.   It was when was turning onto the street I grew up on that I heard that a plane had crashed through one of the towers of the World Trade Center.  I pulled into the house and snapped on the tv, since it felt very War of the Worlds hoax-like.  I quickly showered and drove back over to be with my mother, where a screen had been flipped to CNN and the goings on.  I can’t remember much more than that like where I was when I saw the towers fall but I do recall the thought that I would never find the job I was seeking.  Perhaps that statement rings true today-we’ll never know.
People talk of sacrifice and how over the last decade we’ve been at war, and I wonder how many people really know someone who has served or defended our country. I have only had one person I’ve lost, a classmate from college.  It was 2008 and my birthday.  I was grousing about how I didn’t have a family of my own and I was getting so old at 34.  I then got a text from a friend saying Gary had died from an IED in Afghanistan and all of a sudden, it hit me how young 34 could be at the same time.  
My sister in law will probably never write of this and I can’t do this story justice but the idea of sacrifice comes to mind that a four year old can often be an example more that any adult.  The question of how do we teach September 11 in schools has been one of the repeating themes in what little tv I have allowed myself to see this last week.  My sister in law teaches in an urban choice school where she teaches K4-four year olds in kindergarden.  The school she teaches in, takes a trip every year to the firehouse to teach about 9/11 and show appreciation for firefighters.  Each student is encouraged to give cards or take small gifts to leave when they go to visit.  My sister in law said one of her students a few years back, rushed back to the cupboards before leaving for the field trip and grabbed her baby doll.  She told my sister in law, her teacher,  she just wanted to hold it a little while longer because when the time came to give gifts of thanks to the firefighters, this four year old gave up what was probably one of her few dolls.  My sister in law said she and the other adults could barely hold back tears on that one.  And on a day of reflection and remembrance, I always think of a little girl giving up a baby doll to thank a firefighter for putting their life on the line.
_______________________ _________________________________

Saturday, September 10, 2011

LACMA last Friday

Last Friday I hit the art museum for a little inspiration. LACMA-LA County Museum of Art just keeps getting better and better.  I feel that since moving here in 1998, I have seen Los Angeles awake and grow up in art and theatre since it always was a film town-not only have I discovered more but I think LA has discovered some things too.

After finding a great discount deal in a tweet, I am now a member of LACMA and it feels as valuable as my library card.  Just like my visits to the Art Institute in Chicago, I have my favorite rooms and I stop by for a visit to my favorite art and painting and say “hi!”.  I noticed that the Jasper Johns studies I like to see were off the wall for now, but there was plenty to take a look at I wanted to peek into the new exhibits that were in ‘member preview’ only.

I was more interested in how my eye kept looking at shadow and play with shadow. This was more interesting to me--that my brain and eye were focused on that than the new work.  It was a different way of triggering ideas and I was blown away by it! It started with Richard Stankiewicz's work which took me back to the artist's loft I stayed in last November for my sound seminar put on the Association of Independents in Radio.  I found the place cheap at the site roomorama and I saw how the woman I rented from put things in a place of honor as well as reminding herself of how to make art through art.  She told me that people look at artists in a different light and she called herself a creative.  Since I was just starting to embrace after all these years that I have to make art, I felt like this was a great time to hear this from this creative.
This discovery of shadow kept popping up in my walks through the gallery and I was enjoying these surprises saying hello back to me, it was my own treasure hunt!
This was a good thing since I was somewhat disappointed in the new exhibits that were in 'member preview'. Edward Kienholz, Five Car Stud 1969–1972 but the work didn’t really grab me.  The gallery is dark and quiet with a bed of sand covering the floor. I didn’t expect to wear my sandals to the art museum and get sand in them! The viewer is only allowed to enter one way and leave through another exit. Part theatre, mostly social commentary and part sculpture the work depicts a group of home grown terrorists that are castrating a black man after coming upon a scene of an inter racial couple “parking” in a truck. The literature to explain and comment on the work reminds us that scenes like this happened throughout the southern United States.  That type of writing always turns me off in others trying to say this never happened in our backyard but those in the northern states were segregated in other ways, not to mention the fact that Indiana in the early 20th century had the most KKK members per capita of any state or the area in LA County I live in had cross burnings and problems up into the 1980s.  Since the work hasn’t been seen in many years, it seems as if LAMA is as proud of the fact that this work is out of storage and is on display again as the content and discussion itself.

I then went out into the Rodin sculpture garden since the writing of how sensual it was to work in clay, always made me a fan of the works and yet again, I saw more shadow on the staircase up above and in the garden itself.  Yes this was probably nearing movie "magic hour" as far as light was concerned but I still saw so much as far as play with shadow and how it will probably find its way into my work in the near future. I even found it among the Giacometti collection.  I have never been a fan of the work (it's no Rodin) but even with my eye and brain playing this game, I found something to love/like about the work on this visit!
It's my hope that the idea of Pacific Standard Time (Five Car Stud and the curation of Asco: Elite of the Obscure, A Retrospective, 1972–1987 are a part of this) has work that grabs me more at other participating institutions.  And so onto look at other works in other museums- this included a visit to Downtown Artwalk Thursday as well as MOCA, where there wasn't enough Warhol and Cy Twombly but company and dinner after kept me happy.

_______________________ _________________________________

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sound Walk's Featured Artist

Today, I'm the featured artist for the Soundwalk website.  Most of it you know but some of it is new.
Go check it out and come see the show October 1 in Long Beach.  What I did last year is here. _______________________ _________________________________

Monday, September 5, 2011

LACMA on Friday

I worked the holiday weekend but I now look forward to the time away at the end of the week.  LACMA was an amazing inspiration but I was surprised what I noticed on this trip to the museum.  Outside of the museum, this delighted me most of all! _______________________ _________________________________

Friday, August 26, 2011

Downtown Los Angeles- Clifton's Signage

Still on my list of LA landmarks to experience.  I spoke with someone today who said he wasn't a fan of downtown Los Angeles and I told him even though I live in the suburbs, there is a special place in my heart for downtown LA which is interesting since in the beginning, I was like others, I was afraid.  I now  think of it as a cherished secret-my little secret that only certain people understand.  I feel the same way about Savannah! (If you saw me speaking these words, there would be a glint in my eye and a flash of the dimple!) _______________________ _________________________________

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 30- Little White Chapel and the Elvis Impersonator PT2

Thanks to the Santa Clarita Valley Photographers Association post, here are a few of the things that went down at the little white chapel!

_______________________ _________________________________

Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 30- Little White Chapel and the Elvis Impersonator

So the day started with waking up to a nightmare at 4:30 in the morning then working retail 8-5, where we had some difficult people that want to know why something doesn't work they way they want it to...my answer, write your own program or pony up more money to make the website work they way you want-oh that's right, you don't know how....then jetted off to Senses in Newhall for the third Thursday street fair. I worked the chapel- dressed people up, gave out rings and fake wedding certificates and oh-that's right I wore a white boa and a veil part of the night.  Although sober (did I mention I was working) I did try the Don Draper from Lake Street Creamery truck Vanilla, bourbon ( maker's mark-my favorite!), smoke and a swirl of caramel--it was soooooooo goood.
Somehow from lack of sleep, 2 work shifts and such, I feel as if I had the full Vegas night since this sweet innocent feather somehow appeared from lord knows where on my couch and I lost my phone and it slipped in a crack of the sofa where my fat hand wouldn't go.  I had to cut a hole in the netting in the bottom of the couch to retrieve it while all the while it beeped telling me I had texts and calls --just mocking me!  I can't wait for the next gen iphone to replace this dinosaur sliver from 2007!

And here is me filling out fake certificates and the boa!

_______________________ _________________________________

Day 29- Friendly Valley Trivia

Lovely hot day and hot night.  I met LD and Shawna for Jesus Chicken Birthday Party and it was mad house.  It's been a year since ChicFilA moved Awesometown and of course the cow was out in full force, dancing with many grandmothers out to see the kiddos demonstrate martial arts as well as bounce around in an airhouse and sign a waiver to get in a human hamster ball.  It was then off to trivia night to meet the visitors from Oz and hear Nate attempt what sounded more North London as an accent.  I was tired but it was fun listening, laughing, and joking  about how to piss off an Australian! I love how the clouds look as if they are playing and taunting the neon of the building. _______________________ _________________________________

Sun Sisters Review for LA Theatre Review

Here's my Sun Sister's Review for LA Theatre Review. That was a strange night since the subject matter is lesbian in subject and then I felt like I was in a vortex of women since the theatre company's bathroom location meant we had to go through the mezz bar where it seemed to be girl night by the clientele coming up the stairs! _______________________ _________________________________

Monday, August 15, 2011

Thank you letter to a mentor, Frank Underbrink

This summer I had to do an activity where we had to write a thank you to a mentor. I felt a little guilty since the people that shared in the group, thanked relatives. One was for a father and another guy thanked the kids he was mentoring. I thought of all the teachers that made a big difference or were an influence in my life. I was so lucky to have so many men and women from junior high and beyond. I wrote to Frank Underbrink since he’s been on my mind for quite a while-

Dear Mr. Underbrink,

I wanted to take the time to let you know how great it was to have you teaching at Libertyville High School. It was especially great knowing that you had been a graduate of the school and gone on to do so many things. The fact that you were the only guy in your French class and you went off to use it with your archeology studies was fantastic.

The time I saw you at the Goodman gave me an even greater love of Anton Chekhov. I now think of you every time I read or see Chekhov. Mom said she’d never seen me light up so much with excitement. You were sitting in the lobby during intermission, grading a stack of papers on a bench, I didn't even notice as I went to the ladies and it was mom who told me to take a closer look.  I was studying theatre by then and you shared how much you loved Chekhov and had gone and purchased a ticket that night for The Cherry Orchard.

The way you managed a class like a college classroom and the fact that many known discipline problems were never a problem for you influenced me and how I deal with students today.  Your sense of humor and your attitude toward boys growing up influenced me when I hit the classroom and taught all the young men I had in my audio courses at the numerous places I’ve been. I still see your face with a grin ear to ear when you would say “It must be spring, the freshman boys are fighting in the halls again!” I also think of the times you said the teacher’s lounge talk of was discipline problems and you would be surprised as these kids wouldn’t act up with you and as a teen ager I knew it was because you treated them like adults. I also can only imagine the sight when you would tell the story of the kid who was late for school and saw the dean waiting for him in the hall so he went outside and started crawling in through an open window in you classroom!

I miss you and I take away a sense of humor and a sense of adventure from you. We always joked you were the real Indiana Jones! Thanks again. _______________________ _________________________________

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 25-Dark day Wed but Downtown Urban Cave on Thursday

I happened to have Thursday off and as luck would have it, my dentist called to remind me I was due for a check up.  I now sparkle and it also meant an afternoon in downtown LA.  Traffic was insane-I couldn't believe how crazy afternoon traffic could be, but I finally got out of it, got parked and was able to relax.  I then went on a quick walk and a meetup at the Redwood with the engineers of Marketplace.  I miss it but I don't miss the day to day stuff that still goes on.  It's a great team of guys and it's probably a job with one of the best supervisors I will ever have.  I stopped and took a snap of what looked like an urban cave to me.  It's such a contrast to the old buildings I navigated through with the dentist, bars, and galleries of artwalk so I really like the modern lines and feeling of a secret place-almost cathedral like.  I was very much in a 500 Days of Summer location and it was a very good day.

_______________________ _________________________________

Day 24- Getting Busy

Yes, this week has been insane and it's apparent that the habit of a photo a day isn't taking.  It doesn't help that my point and shoot is questionable, I don't have a smart phone for snaps and I now have to carry around my DSLR.  The first few days of August have flown by and it's obvious by not taking the time to add stuff to the chalkboard in my house.  Even though I'm a technology kid in many ways, I love this board because my neighbor (3rd grandfather to me) gave this to me as a child. I played "school" at the board for hours, and I knew I would grow up to be a teacher one day.  This is one of the most important pieces of furniture to me, even if this month it's not getting used to the ultimate.

_______________________ _________________________________

Friday, August 12, 2011

Day 23- Summer days and nights

I stayed in Savannah for part of the summer last summer and spent many a day and night under a ceiling fan.  Here in California, I have been under a few fans and they seem to transport me to other times and good memories- even if they seem to dry out my eyes!  A fella once told me he loved lounging under a ceiling fan, that it's relaxing and I'm starting to see where he's coming from on that statement. _______________________ _________________________________

Day 22- First and Hope and to cutting the tags

I took this last night (Sunday), and woke up to the dress hanging this morning.  I bought this dress in April and wore it for the first time last night- a night we did up right at First and Hope Downtown Supper Club.  It was cocktails and starters, then mains, then dessert, and then it was back to reality with a free chicken and biscuit Monday morning at the drive-thru. Blood and Sand cocktails were to die for, the crab hush puppies to start then on to the steak, finishing off with chocolate for desert-to lovely.
Back to the dress, this dress was purchased, like the groupon like deal/coupon I had for dinner last night, many months ago.  I always walk the fine line of holding on to nice things instead of enjoying them in a timely manner. I don't want to be that woman/mother that people talk about when they pass away-that these women never enjoyed the nice things or gifts- be it soaps, lotions, jewelry-you name it.

And so on the very last day, as the coupon expired, I spent a wonderful night with my friend Frank.  It was during this that I realized yes, saving is good but sometimes what are we saving for?  I live within my means but to deny myself if I have it is just silly and I'm missing out.  As Frank's cologne lingered on me from his hug, I thought about lots of things on my drive home-how sad it was to not have a fella to enjoy moments like that but what a great luxury to have a friend to enjoy it with!  I have had many people leave my life this year and I have seen that you better enjoy it now and go and do while you still have the ability-things can change in an instant.

_______________________ _________________________________

Monday, August 8, 2011

Day 21- My Desk

Hard day at work, then went out for drinks and blew off some steam.  I came home to a little bit of sober up rituals-social networking at an unfortunate time.
I haven't had a desk in 2 years now and so I guess I am truly a laptop girl now.  The computer sits here 79% of the time and often I am in bed, on my stomach perusing the nets and wasting time like many these days! _______________________ _________________________________

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 20- Street Art Exhibit and Pizza on the BBQ

I spend my day off wisely and headed to the museum.  
Although you could take pictures, I took very little and just a few notes in my gallery guide, hoping to jog memory and create other things from it.  The show was almost too much yet it really recharged me in art making and the likes.  The place closed at 5 and yet I was lining up at half past 4 or so, trying to get a ticket. I took this outside the Geffen  MOCA with my back to the street art displays outside and thought it was funny to still document the anonymous art in the parking lot.  I then went on to spend a wonderful night grilling pizza, visiting with friends and meeting new ones-killer margaritas helped as well!!! _______________________ _________________________________

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day 19- Self portrait part 2 and dark days setting in

It's already posted that another piece of my soul died today and my fridge reflects how my soul probably looks.  I once saw in a gallery in Dallas, a whole grouping of a photographer where they took pics of people's fridges.  My fridge is always a place of good intentions but where food often goes to die.  Hopefully a trip to Trader Joe's and the sun coming up on another day will help--but it looks as if a bad moon may be rising. _______________________ _________________________________

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 18 Friendly Valley Trivia part 2

Another night of trivia, at least this one is close and it's great to see the peeps in Awesometown aka Santa Clarita.  Susan is away at BlogHer conference and she was missed.  Although I get at least one beer at trivia nights, the team, Friendly Valley Social Club sits outside, snacks, drinks, and jokes and talks of all sorts of things from politics to sports to actually playing the game of trivia.  I always enjoy it and even  though I was tired and felt like the empty cups and discarded chips here, it was good to be out and with the crew.  The team roster is put together for Saturday when they play the ultimate trivia tournament against others in LA County! _______________________ _________________________________

Day 17 Rogue Photo

So the point and shoot camera I've been limping along as I hold out for the new iPhone is not kind. I've been aware it was erasing photos if I used the playback mode, but last night it took photos and then ate them all without my help in viewing them through the camera.  I don't get that sad as in film days, one used to lose whole roles but it's still a little aggravating.  I went to see Harry Potter with Maria and Chris and then we went on to trivia.  This pic was taken at the BBQ and the other won out. I'm glad I kept it as this is how I feel with camera complications-mopey- and I was with the girls when this was taken too! _______________________ _________________________________

Monday, August 1, 2011

Day 16 My personal library

I am a collector and on a bad day a hoarder.  My friends deny it but I have a problem and the addiction is books.  When I had to put things in storage, I had to get rid of over 200 books and when I unpacked after my things being in storage for over a year and a half, my collection still doesn't fit the house.  I need to get on it and read 'em and donate them and share with others.  I love to look through the pics, and if you look at the titles they tell a story of my aspirations to learn languages-both romantic and technical.  I also have always had to hope to being a great designer and those books still linger as well as the love a good story-both fictional and true which shows in the history texts. Maybe someday, I will be the person I want and hope to be. _______________________ _________________________________

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day 15 Shitkickers and the fierce walk that goes with 'em

It's always worked this way-I don't like how the people around me are interacting and the boots come on.  Being a Texas girl at heart, I love how boots look with skirts and dresses. The places I've lived, it's been an individual look, for sure.  The look works for me and I love how boots make me walk.  It's a fierce walk, a don't mess with me walk.  In the 4 pairs of boots I have, I'll kick ya in the shins and let the butt kicking begin.  I tell people, I don't like to fight but if need be, it'll be over fast and it'll be dirty-just saying.
After an insane day yesterday, today was definitely a boot wearing day! _______________________ _________________________________

Day 14 Will's Birthday-aGoGo-Mom's Bar

Out with the SCV girls and it was an event without too many events in the night.  After an insanely difficult day, it was nice to kick back, be myself and hang.  We took some funny photos in the photobooth and then had fun people watching in the corner.  I don't know what all the fuss was about in this bar but still a great night! _______________________ _________________________________

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day 13 Rower's Barbeque

As I said in a previous post, rowing has been amazing for me.  It's been a great workout and changed how I exercise but the big surprise was the social aspect.
A few of us got together at Robert's house where most of the club cookouts are generously hosted and last night was a very familiar scene.  People cooking and preparing a meal, lots of good wine and beer, and lots of people sitting and standing around talking-talking a little rowing, a little business, a little sport.  Today was hard to choose which picture would make the cut-a first- but this one displayed how great our meal looked. _______________________ _________________________________

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day 12 Mother's Beach Boathouse and Sunset row

Another awesome summer night.  I've been rowing for almost 2 years now and tonight was summer's initiative of sunset row. LA Rowing Club has created a great gathering of a few boats and a few "races" on the marina.  After a workout, many in the group then head out and enjoy a beer and good company.
This was the view of where we wait and gather to get organized.  I have waited many a morning in the cold, asking myself why am I doing this and why do I love this sport?
For starters, it's a non impact overall workout that lets me move and be in the moment and forces me to think of nothing else-similar to my experiences as a child with dance.  I chose this sport, wanting to have something that held me accountable like a team sport but was still very individualistic.  All this came about, but the great surprise was the support and the friendships and the great social things that resulted.  I am also amazed that I am friends with people on a level where we share much but may know very little about what the career is or how they dress on a day to day basis- it's very stripped down.  I had just come to this realization when I say an interview with Judy Starkman on her public art installation the secret life of swimmers.  Maybe it's the water that is a true equalizer, not the sport. _______________________ _________________________________

Day 11 Friendly Valley Trivia and Kogi Truck-Awesome Summer Nights!

This isn't the first time I've met the SCV Tweeps for trivia and then on to a late night snack with the Kogi food truck, but I think this will be the signature thing for the summer.  It doesn't matter what you're doing, it just matters that you're out with friends enjoying those wonderful summer nights and it feels like the one you're in is the most perfect one ever until the next one with similar ingredients comes along.
I love summer and I love feeling like a teenager, where you have little worries-now for just a moment- and the company of great friends.
This was taken after I had finished my sliders and LD and I were joined by some of the trivia crew.  The line that was at least 40 orders deep was winding down and sounds of laughter and happy groups of friends filled pockets of the street and parking lot. Not a bad night out at all. _______________________ _________________________________

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 10 Irish Times Trivia

I love playing Trivia here because I meet up with my friends from rowing and get to see them in civilian clothes.  I also love the fact that over the months that we have been playing, we have only gotten a sports question right once and it was last week when I was gone.  The drinks are pricey and the service is terrible but it's fun to see the variety of folks that come in on a Tuesday night to play and converse.  Our team has only won a bar tab once and that has kept us coming back for more.
We came in fifth tonight and it was fun laughing and complaining and sharing the hate for our nemesis teams, Ship It and Delivery's in the Rear, since Fat Kids are Harder to Kidnap has been missing in action.
It shows how much I love this since I drive down from Awesometown to Culver City Irish Times to play and the drive home has been a challenge with highway construction. _______________________ _________________________________

Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 9 Hard Shadows, Cool Breezeway

I noticed these shadows from the stair railing and wanted to capture it.  I was coming home from work and saw the hard shadows.
I've always liked patterns that shadows make and hope that this snap reads as how hot it really feels today.  It's so hot and I'm not even where the heat wave is hitting--so hot, I just want to be inside with the blinds closed, sitting under the ceiling fan and enjoying the respite. _______________________ _________________________________

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day 8 Self Portrait

Like my views, I have a collection of self portraits like this one- me, behind a camera, guessing where the framing will be in a reflective surface, usually a mirror.  I've been doing this for 20 years and suppose it will continue for another 20 or more.
I have been dealing with a lot of internal stuff and I like the idea of wearing my glasses in this besides the fact that I think aviators make me look tough.  I honestly like the lens flare and the fact that this was taken in the window of the second car I have ever had.  My truck and I had many great adventures and memories and this new car has not had the same attention since I feel like I'm cheating on the truck with the new car.  I hope to soon take this car 'cross country and have adventures like the Bullet and I had! _______________________ _________________________________

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 7 Cooper Black is for Lovers

I've been thinking about my brother a lot lately. I miss him and his family and wish I could see them this summer but it'll have to wait til Fall.
My brother always has the best intentions when it comes to gifts but he can never deliver them on time. I've gotten birthday presents (October 1) when I came home for Christmas.  His birthday is days after mine so you'd think it's not a surprise on the deadline, but anyway....
These Hatch Show Print postcards were no exception but they mean a lot to me since Matt was traveling in a bus and he brought these with me.  I stayed to see him perform for the church service and it was so nice to have him sit with me during the sermon.  Since he's married now, I don't get many chances to be with him by myself so I really liked being able to sit with my brother that day last year. _______________________ _________________________________

Day 6 Baseball

When I think of the love of the game, I first think of my cousin Chris, who would come over to watch my brother and me and we would always play baseball.  He kept every uniform from the YMCA teams he was on and played in through high school.  It was this passion that drove him into journalism, since in the beginning he hoped to be a sports writer.
My second thoughts of baseball are how my last summer in Savannah, I was able to go to the games often 2 or 3 times a week.  This is what I refer to as feeding the beast. I LOVE BASEBALL.  I even convinced the Scottish boyfriend it was the cheapest bar in town and he learned to love it!
My third thought of baseball is family, my family would go to Ranger games every summer and enjoy sitting in the cheap seats and watching the games.  Even though Dad loves baseball as much as Mom, I have many a memory of hitting a few parks, just the two of us, especially on our Route 66 trip--Arlington, St. Louis, as well as Anaheim and Los Angeles.
I had fun tonight with Mike and it was a night where added memories will come into play since we had plenty of entertainment around us in the stands! _______________________ _________________________________