Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Covers: The Lennings- You're The One That I Want

Love watching water boil!
Who knew this could be sexy and relevant slow and acoustic...

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Black Keys- Lonely Boy

Who knew that these guys would find such a large audience.
I was home yesterday and caught an interview with the fella in this viral video on Ellen. He's living the dream out here in California- so I guess ya never know when a dream may come true or in what form it will come....

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Monday, November 14, 2011

#30 Day PhotoChallenge--Remember November

It’s now looking like creating a habit for me takes longer than thirty days. The last challenge was great because it excited my friend and he was taking lots of photos. I was taking only a few a day. It did however inspire lots of others to document their lives as well-very interesting to see the butterfly’s wings in action....

Another friend challenged me again this November and since I was getting my first smart phone I was excited to document the month and take on another 30 day challenge-for me I need an exercise buddy so to speak or more importantly, I need the competition.

And so here it is so far:
My mini business cards arrived.
I went to Creative Mornings LA at Night.
I stayed in and enjoyed having the remote all to myself.
My fortune helped support and back the 3 hour conversation I had with a friend right
before this challenge, where he told me to stop trying.
I worked the Santa Clarita Marathon for the 2nd year and the start was amazing even in the rain.
I had fun with my food.
I saw some sticker punk had posted this in the parking lot-good ending to the day.
Start of my day the next day was summed up with trash on a welcome mat.
I had a fabulous night of food and friends for ArtWalk Downtown LA.
I stayed in and had an early night in my pjs.
I slept most of the day and then went to an old coworkers wedding reception that night-at the Dalmatian American Club- hallway had a grandfather clock.
And I found out the lead genius at my store is a prop comic, giving me this candy in the breakroom and trying to joke around.

An there is the recap of the month of November so far--I’ve been tired but it’s been good over all and I’m trying to stop trying. _______________________ _________________________________