Tuesday, March 8, 2011

KCRW and Jason Bentley's Workspace and the LA sound

I'll leave the story of why I feel the way I do about Lynda.com for another day, but I broke down and complied with my current class and ponied up some money to view videos at the instruction site.  While flipping through and looking for a video byte to cleanse the palette and refresh the brain so to speak, (so I could keep viewing instruction videos,) I came across interviews with different artists and KCRW's Jason Bentley was one of the packages.  
He seemed to sum up why it's probably taken me so long to fall in love with the city of Los Angeles.  Among other things, Los Angeles and Hollywood come with preconceived notions.  Even if one hasn't been here they know it through our greatest commodity of media-namely TV and film.  I also came to Los Angeles thinking it's urban sprawl and strip shopping upon strip shopping, not to mention freeways and traffic!  
My last 10 years being in and around Los Angeles has shown that arts and culture are important and the theatre scene is strong and as legit as other towns.  Jason Bentley talks of Los Angeles and the sound and the pulse comes through in the clubs--interesting that since we're in our cars so much, it's the cultivation of the clubs and the sharing of it on the radio that makes KCRW unique.  Commercial radio will not take the risk but I think KCRW does in it's own public radio way work to create the unique sound and station that is Los Angeles.  There is so much that the food bloggers can write of this town, I'd say the same could be said of music and the airwaves.  There is so much culture and fusion of music and it could be such a wonderful thing to hear our unique sound on the radio!


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