Friday, April 27, 2012

Back to Santa Barbara this Sunday. All Aboard the Vino Train! Woo! Woo!

The beginning of this month was spent on the Santa Barbara Vino Train.  I celebrated my half birthday-a first for me, and as we stepped off the platform in Santa Barbara to tour the Urban Wineries, another group got on to ride up to San Luis Obispo and celebrate a grandmother's birthday.

The Vino Train is a ride in style. My trip was in a private lounge car and on bigger group days, a second observation car with a dome is added.  I am interested to see what that looks like this Sunday when I guide this time around.

Our group hit two wineries just steps away from the train platform.  Santa Barbara Winery was a great first stop- lots of gifts for the food and wine goer- cheese plates, olive oil, and of course wine.  They had a great deal on their 2009 Riesling and I plan on opening that bottle, partnered with some of my favorite Thai food when Mom comes to visit in the next few weeks.

Across the street, the group went over to an old tire shop, converted to the Oreana Winery.  It looks as if the place reflects the owner, with a pacman arcade game and an interesting "library" collection and artwork on the walls.

Our day continued with a leisurely walk over to a block of other wineries including Municipal Wine (Muni) and by that time my tasting buddy and myself were feeling why you shouldn't drink all of the tasting.  We hit Mac's Fish and Chip Shop.  The food hit the spot and we ducked into one last tasting (Kalyra) before waiting for the train and heading home.

Both rides- to and from- was beautiful as the day was clear and you could see the Channel Islands all along the coast.  It's a great adventure and I look forward to Sunday, seeing what happens.  I can not believe that this April, for me, has included three trips to Santa Barbara! (all with a little wine) _______________________ _________________________________

Monday, April 23, 2012

Cowboy up! Senses and Cowboy Poetry Festival

So this is what's happened in Awesometown (aka Santa Clarita) in the past few days:

Thursday was a perfect storm of warm weather and good food, not to mention the coming weekend for Cowboy Poetry.  The city had been on local tv that morning for KTLA and so Senses on Main in Old Town Newhall was a crowded night.  I worked so no drinks, but I was eying the Whiskey Girl themed drink the Vu had.  Food trucks did well and I made the conscious decision to go for Kogi's sweet chili chicken quesadilla- a dish I've broken out eating before.  No blisters this time but my dogs were tired at the end of the night,- almost as tired as my friend's dog Bailey, who greeted everyone and was ready to leave or fall asleep at the end of the night.
Saturday and Sunday was Cowboy Poetry Festival.  The City of Santa Clarita has been doing this for years and doing it up right.  I saw lots of interesting things while working one of the stages.  My favorite two was the man who tucked his suit pants into his boots and the woman on a segway in her purple track suit, jazzed up bicycle helmet, and blinded out red, white and blue bag.  

I was at home wearing the jeans, boots and hat.  The crew is always the hardest working but they know how to get along, and play hard too so Saturday night was a good gathering of the crew and then Sunday as the festival goes into autopilot for a few moments, corn hole games and jokes were exchanged.  So if you've ever wondered about Cowboy Poetry Festival- it's worth going-plan on it next year!

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