Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 20- Street Art Exhibit and Pizza on the BBQ

I spend my day off wisely and headed to the museum.  
Although you could take pictures, I took very little and just a few notes in my gallery guide, hoping to jog memory and create other things from it.  The show was almost too much yet it really recharged me in art making and the likes.  The place closed at 5 and yet I was lining up at half past 4 or so, trying to get a ticket. I took this outside the Geffen  MOCA with my back to the street art displays outside and thought it was funny to still document the anonymous art in the parking lot.  I then went on to spend a wonderful night grilling pizza, visiting with friends and meeting new ones-killer margaritas helped as well!!! _______________________ _________________________________

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day 19- Self portrait part 2 and dark days setting in

It's already posted that another piece of my soul died today and my fridge reflects how my soul probably looks.  I once saw in a gallery in Dallas, a whole grouping of a photographer where they took pics of people's fridges.  My fridge is always a place of good intentions but where food often goes to die.  Hopefully a trip to Trader Joe's and the sun coming up on another day will help--but it looks as if a bad moon may be rising. _______________________ _________________________________

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 18 Friendly Valley Trivia part 2

Another night of trivia, at least this one is close and it's great to see the peeps in Awesometown aka Santa Clarita.  Susan is away at BlogHer conference and she was missed.  Although I get at least one beer at trivia nights, the team, Friendly Valley Social Club sits outside, snacks, drinks, and jokes and talks of all sorts of things from politics to sports to actually playing the game of trivia.  I always enjoy it and even  though I was tired and felt like the empty cups and discarded chips here, it was good to be out and with the crew.  The team roster is put together for Saturday when they play the ultimate trivia tournament against others in LA County! _______________________ _________________________________

Day 17 Rogue Photo

So the point and shoot camera I've been limping along as I hold out for the new iPhone is not kind. I've been aware it was erasing photos if I used the playback mode, but last night it took photos and then ate them all without my help in viewing them through the camera.  I don't get that sad as in film days, one used to lose whole roles but it's still a little aggravating.  I went to see Harry Potter with Maria and Chris and then we went on to trivia.  This pic was taken at the BBQ and the other won out. I'm glad I kept it as this is how I feel with camera complications-mopey- and I was with the girls when this was taken too! _______________________ _________________________________

Monday, August 1, 2011

Day 16 My personal library

I am a collector and on a bad day a hoarder.  My friends deny it but I have a problem and the addiction is books.  When I had to put things in storage, I had to get rid of over 200 books and when I unpacked after my things being in storage for over a year and a half, my collection still doesn't fit the house.  I need to get on it and read 'em and donate them and share with others.  I love to look through the pics, and if you look at the titles they tell a story of my aspirations to learn languages-both romantic and technical.  I also have always had to hope to being a great designer and those books still linger as well as the love a good story-both fictional and true which shows in the history texts. Maybe someday, I will be the person I want and hope to be. _______________________ _________________________________

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day 15 Shitkickers and the fierce walk that goes with 'em

It's always worked this way-I don't like how the people around me are interacting and the boots come on.  Being a Texas girl at heart, I love how boots look with skirts and dresses. The places I've lived, it's been an individual look, for sure.  The look works for me and I love how boots make me walk.  It's a fierce walk, a don't mess with me walk.  In the 4 pairs of boots I have, I'll kick ya in the shins and let the butt kicking begin.  I tell people, I don't like to fight but if need be, it'll be over fast and it'll be dirty-just saying.
After an insane day yesterday, today was definitely a boot wearing day! _______________________ _________________________________

Day 14 Will's Birthday-aGoGo-Mom's Bar

Out with the SCV girls and it was an event without too many events in the night.  After an insanely difficult day, it was nice to kick back, be myself and hang.  We took some funny photos in the photobooth and then had fun people watching in the corner.  I don't know what all the fuss was about in this bar but still a great night! _______________________ _________________________________