Saturday, June 18, 2011

The next generation

I worried ten years ago when I graded my first set of papers for an intro to video class and noticed that my students were too lazy to use spell check on word before printing and turning them in--so as I get older, I worry about doctors that will be younger than me and how they studied in school--just sayin'.

-Over the last few years, I have heard and read articles on how parents will negotiate their kid's salary or show up for an interview of their child's. I never believed it, but I started a new job this week and saw with my very own eyes. A father walked in with his college age son- I'm guessing that since the kid was already sporting a comb over that he was a few years out of high school.-Anyway, Dad walks in and asks for a manager, stands there as the kid pulls out a resume and speaks with said manager. I later asked the manager how often that happens and the reply was it does but they also get calls from parents asking why little Johnny didn't get hired. My jaw dropped! Manager then followed up with the comment that this generation is weak--so parents- think about how you mold your young adults and young ones-grow a pair, grow up and face reality-the sooner the better. _______________________ _________________________________