Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pic 3 of 30 day challenge, My View

I just moved house last month and am back to living alone.  I enjoy having pets and a room mate but I like the quiet and choices I have when I live alone.  I used to move every 6 months or so with working summer stock theatre and going to school, so I have a collection of pictures that need to be organized that are all my views from where I was living and working at any point in my adult life.  This may not be the best view or picture, but it's something familiar to add to the category MY VIEW.  I still think back to one of my favs at work- the top view of the old masonic temple in Minneapolis.  It had a corner where an old overstuffed chair sat and my boss would smoke and I'd sit and watch the sunset.  I still think about those times when I watch sunrises and sunsets and cherish my friendships from that internship and my travels all over the country. _______________________ _________________________________

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