Friday, June 15, 2012

Day 29 #30dayphotochallenge friend's portrait

 So- I cheated-had a few dark days with no pictures but I want to finish on a great note and I loved the picture my friend @_JRQ took today. So fun! Bring it! _______________________ _________________________________

Thursday, June 14, 2012

day 28 #30dayphotochallenge Culver City Movies

day 28 #30dayphotochallenge It was a last minute change of plans and an invitation to see the movie Prometheus in Culver City. The movie was well done but I was thinking -meh- and the friend next to me kept jumping and I thought it was predictable. The company was amazing and such a great change of plans! _______________________ _________________________________

Leaving work early!-honda commercial

I'm a huge fan of Jim Rash and was surprised and delighted when he won an Oscar. In my continued search for a commercial about a man at a crossroads looking to his left and right and thinking about a girl in Savannah, I found this...this feels how my current job runs things. RELEASE THE HOUNDS!!!! _______________________ _________________________________

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

day 27 of #30dayphotochallenge

day 27 of #30dayphotochallenge
Kings game redux upset that Big Wangs wanted a cover-never!- and as I pulled into the crowded parking lot down the road, I knew Gameday was a bust once I saw the news truck! _______________________ _________________________________

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

day 23, 24 & 26 #30dayphotochallenge Kings and Current Events and my girls!

day 23 #30dayphotochallenge Kings Game 'nuff said.

day 24 #30dayphotochallenge we had been discussing earlier events of the day and discussing this girl out of Georgia that has been building pipe bombs. I had put out on Facebook that "this girl from Gainsville GA that is accused of building bombs teaches one that Facebook pictures could be used on a news package so bikinis and girl on girl kissing may not be a good idea also saying you're a Christian Anarchist looks a little odd too" where friends had replied in their own ways and I wondered if I could recreate her photos and get a grant for performance/installation art. My boss then handed me this and my bestie at work blurted, "Careful, it's a Bomb!" and I admit I was wondering if this was really his handwriting....

    day 25 of the #30dayphotochallenge 

it was a rocking day with the girls- shoe shopping with Carrie and the Happy Hour with Shawna
_______________________ _________________________________

Monday, June 11, 2012

Day 21 & 22 #30dayphotochallege Ole Miss and Back to Reality

 day 21 of the #30dayphotochallege This panorama was taken at a Confederate and Union cemetery that is situated on the Ole Miss campus. I chuckled to myself that I seem to not like to deal or face death and funerals and yet I like cemeteries, and I came to the conclusion that perhaps I like the quiet, I like the way life still goes on with grass and vegetation growing, and I like the way the spirits have an opportunity to whisper their stories to me- like Spoon River Anthology.

  day 22 of the #30dayphotochallege brought very little excitement- mainly it was back to work and since I didn't have any groceries, I continued my vacation upon return to work by eating out. My manager suggested Red Robin for the bottomless fries and the hamburger was good too. I was right next to this sign and I thought of California's ban on foie gras and my nights out with the girls to eat at Animal and the LQ@GGD experience to eat the last days before the ban and of course I sent this snap to the girls! _______________________ _________________________________

Sunday, June 10, 2012

day 18, 19 & 20 of the #30dayphotochallege Oxford, MS

day 18 of the #30dayphotochallege I forgot what it feels like to be on a real university campus-and there is something so special. In working at a California Community College, all I could see was a bunch of portable buildings out in the middle of the desert and call it a school--this had history-- we were in one of the few ante bellum buildings on campus.

day 19 I decided to try to be a tourist in Oxford and found out why there are a number of notable writers from this town- there is very little to see or do. In exploring the bar scene, I cut through an alley and came across this reflections of windows on this building

day 20- I did the same five minute walk about Oxford that I had done the day before- blink and you'll miss the town! I laughed and found promise in Oxford population when I saw this stenciled street art. _______________________ _________________________________

Commercial Sound Design- Inspiration

in looking for a video for a commercial that seems to only exist in my mind, I came across this old Honda commercial with some crazy sound design--I will have to remember this for some inspiration on my next design.
  _______________________ _________________________________