Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 30- Little White Chapel and the Elvis Impersonator

So the day started with waking up to a nightmare at 4:30 in the morning then working retail 8-5, where we had some difficult people that want to know why something doesn't work they way they want it to...my answer, write your own program or pony up more money to make the website work they way you want-oh that's right, you don't know how....then jetted off to Senses in Newhall for the third Thursday street fair. I worked the chapel- dressed people up, gave out rings and fake wedding certificates and oh-that's right I wore a white boa and a veil part of the night.  Although sober (did I mention I was working) I did try the Don Draper from Lake Street Creamery truck Vanilla, bourbon ( maker's mark-my favorite!), smoke and a swirl of caramel--it was soooooooo goood.
Somehow from lack of sleep, 2 work shifts and such, I feel as if I had the full Vegas night since this sweet innocent feather somehow appeared from lord knows where on my couch and I lost my phone and it slipped in a crack of the sofa where my fat hand wouldn't go.  I had to cut a hole in the netting in the bottom of the couch to retrieve it while all the while it beeped telling me I had texts and calls --just mocking me!  I can't wait for the next gen iphone to replace this dinosaur sliver from 2007!

And here is me filling out fake certificates and the boa!

_______________________ _________________________________

Day 29- Friendly Valley Trivia

Lovely hot day and hot night.  I met LD and Shawna for Jesus Chicken Birthday Party and it was mad house.  It's been a year since ChicFilA moved Awesometown and of course the cow was out in full force, dancing with many grandmothers out to see the kiddos demonstrate martial arts as well as bounce around in an airhouse and sign a waiver to get in a human hamster ball.  It was then off to trivia night to meet the visitors from Oz and hear Nate attempt what sounded more North London as an accent.  I was tired but it was fun listening, laughing, and joking  about how to piss off an Australian! I love how the clouds look as if they are playing and taunting the neon of the building. _______________________ _________________________________

Sun Sisters Review for LA Theatre Review

Here's my Sun Sister's Review for LA Theatre Review. That was a strange night since the subject matter is lesbian in subject and then I felt like I was in a vortex of women since the theatre company's bathroom location meant we had to go through the mezz bar where it seemed to be girl night by the clientele coming up the stairs! _______________________ _________________________________

Monday, August 15, 2011

Thank you letter to a mentor, Frank Underbrink

This summer I had to do an activity where we had to write a thank you to a mentor. I felt a little guilty since the people that shared in the group, thanked relatives. One was for a father and another guy thanked the kids he was mentoring. I thought of all the teachers that made a big difference or were an influence in my life. I was so lucky to have so many men and women from junior high and beyond. I wrote to Frank Underbrink since he’s been on my mind for quite a while-

Dear Mr. Underbrink,

I wanted to take the time to let you know how great it was to have you teaching at Libertyville High School. It was especially great knowing that you had been a graduate of the school and gone on to do so many things. The fact that you were the only guy in your French class and you went off to use it with your archeology studies was fantastic.

The time I saw you at the Goodman gave me an even greater love of Anton Chekhov. I now think of you every time I read or see Chekhov. Mom said she’d never seen me light up so much with excitement. You were sitting in the lobby during intermission, grading a stack of papers on a bench, I didn't even notice as I went to the ladies and it was mom who told me to take a closer look.  I was studying theatre by then and you shared how much you loved Chekhov and had gone and purchased a ticket that night for The Cherry Orchard.

The way you managed a class like a college classroom and the fact that many known discipline problems were never a problem for you influenced me and how I deal with students today.  Your sense of humor and your attitude toward boys growing up influenced me when I hit the classroom and taught all the young men I had in my audio courses at the numerous places I’ve been. I still see your face with a grin ear to ear when you would say “It must be spring, the freshman boys are fighting in the halls again!” I also think of the times you said the teacher’s lounge talk of was discipline problems and you would be surprised as these kids wouldn’t act up with you and as a teen ager I knew it was because you treated them like adults. I also can only imagine the sight when you would tell the story of the kid who was late for school and saw the dean waiting for him in the hall so he went outside and started crawling in through an open window in you classroom!

I miss you and I take away a sense of humor and a sense of adventure from you. We always joked you were the real Indiana Jones! Thanks again. _______________________ _________________________________