Thursday, May 5, 2011

Adele sings Lovesong

Adele has been hitting 'em out of the park over here in the states and beyond. Rollingstone Magazine credits Adele with leading the Record Industry Out of Sales Slump http://t.co/NXO59XT and she has made many people active with digital downloads and physical disc sales.  I was driving down the freeway from Awesometown and into "the city", when I head this cover and knew it had to be Adele.  I've been somewhat of a Cure fan but love this jazzed up version.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Missteps of a Pop/Disney Princess: Miley covers Smells Like Teen Spirit

Who would have thought the missteps one could make as a musical artist in a cover song.  I guess though the variables of all sorts of wrong come up in talent reality singing shows and karaoke everyday. And the there is the Cyrus family that continues to make many an interesting misstep.  Clips posted show bad choice in rock attire, bad choice in performance moves and a very misguided choice of a cover song!

Short version:

Longer version-titled with good sound?:
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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wonderwall Cover-Ryan Adams

I've never seen American Idol, but was interested when I heard on the podcast, Too Beautiful to Live about a month or so ago, that one of the contestants chose to sing Ryan Adams. The guy already doesn't get a fair shake since becoming Mr. Mandy Moore, but then when Jennifer Lopez confessed she didn't know the song or Ryan Adams and just hoped America "get it" saying she still knows a lot of music--c'mon!
Anyway, Ryan Adams's cover of Wonderwall really features how beautiful a song it really is and maybe if you get over the Gallagher Brothers' antics Oasis may be worth a listen as well.

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