Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 25-Dark day Wed but Downtown Urban Cave on Thursday

I happened to have Thursday off and as luck would have it, my dentist called to remind me I was due for a check up.  I now sparkle and it also meant an afternoon in downtown LA.  Traffic was insane-I couldn't believe how crazy afternoon traffic could be, but I finally got out of it, got parked and was able to relax.  I then went on a quick walk and a meetup at the Redwood with the engineers of Marketplace.  I miss it but I don't miss the day to day stuff that still goes on.  It's a great team of guys and it's probably a job with one of the best supervisors I will ever have.  I stopped and took a snap of what looked like an urban cave to me.  It's such a contrast to the old buildings I navigated through with the dentist, bars, and galleries of artwalk so I really like the modern lines and feeling of a secret place-almost cathedral like.  I was very much in a 500 Days of Summer location and it was a very good day.

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Day 24- Getting Busy

Yes, this week has been insane and it's apparent that the habit of a photo a day isn't taking.  It doesn't help that my point and shoot is questionable, I don't have a smart phone for snaps and I now have to carry around my DSLR.  The first few days of August have flown by and it's obvious by not taking the time to add stuff to the chalkboard in my house.  Even though I'm a technology kid in many ways, I love this board because my neighbor (3rd grandfather to me) gave this to me as a child. I played "school" at the board for hours, and I knew I would grow up to be a teacher one day.  This is one of the most important pieces of furniture to me, even if this month it's not getting used to the ultimate.

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Day 23- Summer days and nights

I stayed in Savannah for part of the summer last summer and spent many a day and night under a ceiling fan.  Here in California, I have been under a few fans and they seem to transport me to other times and good memories- even if they seem to dry out my eyes!  A fella once told me he loved lounging under a ceiling fan, that it's relaxing and I'm starting to see where he's coming from on that statement. _______________________ _________________________________

Day 22- First and Hope and to cutting the tags

I took this last night (Sunday), and woke up to the dress hanging this morning.  I bought this dress in April and wore it for the first time last night- a night we did up right at First and Hope Downtown Supper Club.  It was cocktails and starters, then mains, then dessert, and then it was back to reality with a free chicken and biscuit Monday morning at the drive-thru. Blood and Sand cocktails were to die for, the crab hush puppies to start then on to the steak, finishing off with chocolate for desert-to lovely.
Back to the dress, this dress was purchased, like the groupon like deal/coupon I had for dinner last night, many months ago.  I always walk the fine line of holding on to nice things instead of enjoying them in a timely manner. I don't want to be that woman/mother that people talk about when they pass away-that these women never enjoyed the nice things or gifts- be it soaps, lotions, jewelry-you name it.

And so on the very last day, as the coupon expired, I spent a wonderful night with my friend Frank.  It was during this that I realized yes, saving is good but sometimes what are we saving for?  I live within my means but to deny myself if I have it is just silly and I'm missing out.  As Frank's cologne lingered on me from his hug, I thought about lots of things on my drive home-how sad it was to not have a fella to enjoy moments like that but what a great luxury to have a friend to enjoy it with!  I have had many people leave my life this year and I have seen that you better enjoy it now and go and do while you still have the ability-things can change in an instant.

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Day 21- My Desk

Hard day at work, then went out for drinks and blew off some steam.  I came home to a little bit of sober up rituals-social networking at an unfortunate time.
I haven't had a desk in 2 years now and so I guess I am truly a laptop girl now.  The computer sits here 79% of the time and often I am in bed, on my stomach perusing the nets and wasting time like many these days! _______________________ _________________________________