Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 4 Steel Magnolias

Yesterday was a long one so here is the post that didn't get made last night. People who know me know of the ennui and melancholy setting in through the books I'm reading, what I'm eating, etc.  I miss the South and no longer wish to be in SoCal and it shows.  Yesterday morning I took a pic of the Magnolias in my apartment complex.  The smell takes me back to living in my house on Warren Circle.  It later takes me to Savannah and a night a spend with Matt where his broke a little piece of my heart but hey that's par for the course.  I've always taken pics of Magnolias, hoping that one day I'd have the perfect pic to frame and put in my formal dining room--still working on both those items. _______________________ _________________________________

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