Friday, February 18, 2011

Panda Earphones. WANT!

Amazmi.com is running a great deal on these too cute ear buds, known as the Pineapple Panda Earphone. The website boasts that these ear phones have an audio isolating design, crystal clear sound, and mega Bass sound.
For $9.99, I'm all for the cute and fun factor and bonus if they deliver what they say they will. Want! _______________________ _________________________________

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Signage gone awry

Viel SpaƟ!!!! I was in New York at a Hampton Inn (it said it was a Times Square location, but it was more like Hell's Kitchen) when I snapped this picture-yes a little fuzzy, but you get the point.
Isn't this a little over kill in having a Hearing Impaired sign written in braille?
It reminds me of my first night in Flat Rock, NC when we visited the Food Lion and my boss caught me staring at the mangled handicapped parking sign that had obviously been hit and backed over and hit multiple times.  There was even concrete rubble remnants.
My boss then commented, "That person wasn't only handicapped, they were blind!"
Beyond taking keys away from grandma, maybe we do need signage like this, plus the braille on the highway with speed bumps and cat's eyes that make noise! _______________________ _________________________________