It all started with an adventure to Minnesota and an opportunity to study sound for theatre.  I still remember taking copious notes and looking at them later and thinking, "How am I ever..."  My time in Minneapolis let to my next adventure to study media at CalArts.  I did some more sound for theater, as well as puppetry, dance, and film.  My sound design thesis, The Pickle Jar here at benjamingoldman.com.  

I never knew the radio bug would hit with such a force.  I became passionate and to the point of junkie status pretty quick.  I came from a theatre background and after 10 plus years felt I had left it and wouldn't miss it.  I then took my love for audio to movie post production and ended up teaching what I knew about working post on independent shorts.  I was tired of moving gear for theatre and liked post audio where EVERYTHING was rack mounted.  Radio took the live element of theatre and rackmountedness of post and put the two together!  I also loved the fact that David Brown, host of Marketplace, was drinking a tab in the studio, had shoulder length hair, was wearing a KISS t shirt AND talking economics. Here are some links to where my passion has taken me! Marketplace Money  Shoe Designer  and Beer Brewer.  Marketplace's Converstations from the Corner Office-Reynold Levy   -- although I didn't edit this interview,  I traveled to NYC and  went to the Lincoln Center, collecting all ambient sound as well as the interview and the rehearsal hall music. 

My past projects include my mascot blog and podcasts--Stories Behind the Fur Podcasts 

Awhile back, I participated in Association of Independent Radio Producers/Harvestworks, Sounds Elemental:Sky on November 15-19, 2010.  It was a great week to regenerate the passion and be in a new place.  The resulting sonic work aired on CKUT's easy sonic listening: Sky (excerpt).  Most of the work is gathered by myself and pulled from the NASA archives.  I'd like to thank Joe Shambro and his recording  Space Shuttle Endeavour   on March 11, 2008, that gave a great foundation to the sound bed I created, and thank my traffic camera man, Tim Decant for allowing me to capture helicopter sounds at the airport.  This work can be heard in May with the Atlanta Fringe/Radio Fringe Festival

This participation gave way to my opportunity to work with fellow AIR independent radio producer, Sara Harris.  She gave me some air time for this piece on the Nethercutt Collection on her show on KPFK called Hear in the City.

I also designed sound for 2 one actor plays called Blind Dates and Blank- which was Ovation nominated for overall production.  

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