Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Behold, a thing of beauty!

Stone Creek Coffee Roasters out of Milwaukee has a cinnamon blend that only comes around this time of year.  It is one of  my sister-in-law's favorites! Since is has a hint of sugar, cloves, and of course, cinnamon-you can only buy it ground.  When opening the bag, you can see the chunks of cinnamon just waiting to give yummy flavor.
 My parents and I offered to go out and buy more since my sister-in-law is home taking care of the newborn niece and has limited herself to one quality cup of coffee a day.  We were looking for one pound bags, but this stuff is so hot, all that was left at the store near her and my brother was the 5lb bag!  It's so good, I don't think it'll be much of a problem consuming this and saving some in the freezer for special occasions.  Can't wait for the get together tonight and share it. _______________________ _________________________________

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ladybug FunkyFonic Headphone! Santa please!

People Magazine's Cool Kid Gifts for Every age is plugging for your 5 year old female audiofile, a pair of Ladybug FunkyFonic Headphones, $28 from modernlola.com.  They may want to think of making adult size pairs...I want some!
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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sympathic Resonance at the Wired Store


Another installation at the Wired Store was a giant marimba by Joshua Kirsch, titled "Sympathic Resonance” . 

I was on the top floor in the beginning and had no idea how this work was controlled or triggered.  The store had just opened and there was a seating area nook of sorts, located right after walking up a staircase. "Sympathic Resonance"  silloutted the view, and in the seating area, a sign said "please ask for assistance" on a gadget.  Sonicly not related to the work, Sympathetic Resonance, was the gadget in question (an alarm of some sort).  Myself being a rules person, I did nothing, but really appreciated the button pusher and his girlfriend right behind me that set off a high pitched alarm that even "assistance" had trouble disabling.

Sympathic Resonance is marimba, (analog in sound), while down below a synthesizer of sort,  being triggered by a touch keyboard on the lower floor.  Sculpturally, it is stunningly beautiful and I wish I had a loft that it could live in.  In many ways, it reminded me of  the wales or prehistoric animals that are often suspended up overhead at a Natural History Museum.  Sympathic Resonance was much more enjoyable hearing others who know how to play piano work the keyboard over my mary had a little lamb recall but it was amazing to look at and beautiful to the ears. _______________________ _________________________________

Monday, December 13, 2010

Wilderness Machine~Wired Store

While in New York, I was pretty happy to be able to go to the opening of the The Wired Store, a temporary bodega, in an old Tower Records shop, right before Thanksgiving.  Of the many things that was a great surprise was a corner with many different art installations and less consumer products to give and get for the Holidays!

I had already been enchanted by Arcade Fire's the WIlderness Downtown website.  I even shared my digital postcard I sent to myself with a few others, so I was surprised and intrigued by a magic machine titled the Wilderness Machine. It takes the ideas and application of the website and prints an analog/hardcopy postcard you take away and plant into the ground.  --the paper has seeds!  Nothing like a little free magic and inspiration for the season-- more valuable than anything you can buy! _______________________ _________________________________

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Turner Prize goes to a Sonic Artist

Here's a NY Times article on Susan Philipsz, recipient of the prize earlier this week.  Looks like her medium of sound is different from mine in that she uses the voice and strictly sound vs my preference for some sculpture or object and field recordings or sounds from memory. The work is now in a gallery but looks to be a bit more interesting in site specific areas.  Love the related writing of Telegraph art critic, Richard Dorment
Turner Prize
Susan Philipsz
Richard Dorment _______________________ _________________________________

Friday, December 10, 2010

Thunder and Lightning

Sorry, but as an audio person, I loved the costume for thunder! Makes me start thinking about Halloween costumes....

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Work-SKY-airing on CKUT's Easy Sonic Living

So I spent the last week in New York, attending Association of Independent Radio/Harvestworks- radio seminar called Sounds Elemental: Sky.  I met a number of composers and sound makers as well as reporters and producers doing all sorts of work from documenting artists at the NEA to Los Angeles producers to a gal from Montreal!  

Caroline Kunzle of Montreal offered to air our works from the week for her weekly program in Montreal.   The program will air this evening at 11 pm Montreal time on ckut 90.3 fm. Listen here http://bit.ly/fZA1fs
The image is my view of the sky I woke up to every morning from the NoHo loft I stayed in for the week!
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Monday, November 22, 2010

Annenberg Space for Photography

Erin Scott
Gallery Report

This is a review/paper from a class a year and a half ago.  I still stand by the disappointment I had at going to a new and wonderful space for photography and much of the images were projected or slide shows on screens.  I still want to see the physical photograph if that was how it was made and captured!
A visit to the inaugural exhibit L8sAng3les at the newly open Annenberg Space for Photography was an exciting and appropriate curation.  It featured eleven Los Angles photographers, three of whom are celebrated staff photographers at the Los Angeles Times.  The work of 2004 Pulitzer Prize winning, LA Times photographer, Carolyn Cole made one stop and take a second look.  One reason I was compelled to linger was that photojournalism and documenting gruesome events was a reason for my choice to not to pursue studying photography in college.  Cole has been to many war torn areas including the Middle East, Kosovo and Afghanistan and covering these places for over twenty years. 
The image that haunted me was an 11 x 14 color photograph, taken August of 2004 in Iraq after /during the Battle for Najaf.  It is a close up of a U.S. Marine and he is looking off the left, with a bead or two of sweat on his face.  His arms and relaxed and behind his head.  The camouflage make-up and his hairline make a line that looks like a headband or scarf at first glance.  Between the light on his face and chest and the white of the camouflage makeup, the image doesn’t feel like war photography or photojournalism but fashion photography.  His painted face is also dark around the eyes so the whites of his eyes stand out.  This image of a soldier is anonymous as the patch on his right breast doesn’t show or reveal his last name.
All that is described above seems to be a conscious decision on the part of the photographer.  Either one can’t show identifying features of soldiers in combat or this as a choice makes the image one of “everyman” and it shows a quiet moment in the midst of chaos.  The pose also makes one think about what is normal when in war.
There was much to learn from this exhibition.  The Annenberg Space for Photography sounds exciting, but the place is a lesson in new museums and practices.  When visiting the location on a Sunday, there was very little activity around the space.  While a thriving business district on the weekdays, there is no support of other business to make this a weekend stroll or day activity.  One can’t stumble upon this space but must have the destination in mind to visit.  As it is called the Annenberg Space for Photography, one would expect to see photographs.  There was very little hung on the walls or wall space for that matter. Much of the space uses digital frames and LCD displays to showcase the work.  While this looks forward to new ways of curation, most was displayed like a power point or Ken Burns pan and scan presentation so the onlooker was told where to look versus interfacing and interacting with the image as an image.  It will be interesting to see what future exhibits look like at this space.

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Monday, November 15, 2010

WIlliam Eggleston LACMA

Erin Scott
Gallery Report 
Los Angeles County Museum of Art  currently has William Eggleston: Democratic Camera—Photographs and Video, 1961–2008, on display through January 16.  This photographer’s body of work is large and the selections for the exhibit had much focus on his work throughout the American South.  Eggleston’s work has been the art of many album covers and music plays a role in his work.  
In 1983 Eggleston did a series of photographs of Graceland which became a book/portfolio in 1984.  One untitled image is from the gate of Graceland, looking out across the street.  It captures what the exhibit literature expresses in that “he captured the mundane in ‘odd and arresting ways’.” He takes the “commonplace” and “vernacular details that make them seem new and strange”. 
The image has a huge depth of field and the eye plays from looking at the backside of the gate to what is the landscape across the street.  It is dusk and a pink and purple hued sky dances on the horizon line, darkness is encroaching as noted from a light about illuminating the gate from above.  There appears to have been a long exposure since the headlights and tail lights from the cars on the street are horizontal stripes across the image.  Although the exposure doesn’t seem too long in exposure since the three stop lights in repetition, do not glow too much with green, amber and red. 
Neon buzzes from the stores, showing the souvenir shops, coke machines, and drive in motel that benefit from when this home and mansion became a business/tourist attraction the year before.  With the mottled sky and the light from what appears to be a streetlight, the gate is blue and almost looks patinaed.  The image doesn’t follow the rule of thirds and the car-light stripes cut the frame in half.  This composition is balanced although cut in half due to the decoration of the gate, which is a billowing music staff and notes, and breaks this horizontal line.  
Much of Eggleston’s work, including the Untitled Image described above, used a dye transfer process.  This was a process developed by Kodak in the 1940s. Eggleston was quoted in talking of his process that  “I don’t think anything has the seductivity of dyes” ...“By the time you got into all those dyes, it doesn’t look at all like the scene, which in some cases you want.”
The exhibit and LACMA website talk of how he had no favorite works and was “democratic (in the) treatment of his subjects.... that nothing was more or less important.”  One could agree in these quotes in that there was much to see and was inspiring exhibition of his work.  I spent an unbelievable amount of time in this gallery, seeing all of the work and examining how it was made, as well as what made it a work I wanted to spend time examining.  Although a Memphis based artist and using largely southern locations as composition/subject , William Eggleston traveled extensively and had strong works from Kyoto and Hollywood-Paramount Studios.  His elevating the common into something extraordinary not only inspired myself but has inspired the likes of David Byrne, David Lynch, and Sophia Coppola.

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Los Angeles recap 2

"pool portraits" thanks David Hockney

~More images from my digital class.  The palm tree and title comes from a scavenger hunt and the others from portrait of place.
"pool portraits"
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Monday, November 8, 2010

Los Angeles recap

 I've been trying to come to terms with the fact that I DO live in Los Angeles and have for the last 8 years. Feeling that I needed to come to terms with it, I've been working to take images that embrace the idea of Los Angeles, Southern California, and Hollywood.  Now as I embrace it, it looks as if I may be on my way away from it for a little while.  Who knows where things may lead? Enjoy some of my favorite images.  They were for a class I took, hoping to change or kick start my photography.
The pictures from the Chinese Theatre was a stretch for me since street  photography and taking portraits of people is not my thing.  I like to think most of my photos are portraits of inanimate objects. -Prefering to capture architecture and still life more than people.

Since I don't have a gaggle of friends to take pics of anymore, I chose one of the biggest tourist spots I could think of in Los Angeles so I could have a camera and stalk strangers without incident.  It was a grey day and using a lens without auto focus was difficult but I had fun!
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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Exciting Day in Media and Society

It really isn't, this is just an example! _______________________ _________________________________

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sound Walk

SoundWalk 2010-Hot and Cold by Erin Scott
So this weekend's Soundwalk in Long Beach was probably my greatest success for an installation so far.  It was also as close to performance as I was comfortable with.  The work involved sounds of me eating breakfast the week before--a variety of sounds of bowl themed food-oatmeal, cold cereal, and berries with yogurt.  Although I impressed or at least pleased myself with great recording while performing, I was also a little disturbed that it only took me 3-4 minutes to eat and that my stomach and mouth played as much a part as the bowl and the spoon!  The green and blue cup also made sounds of me preparing tea and slurping it up and also preparing a refreshing glass of ginger ale!

The one thing I missed which would have been a secondary element would have been to video tape the people interacting with the work.  Many folks thought they had to trigger something, some people sat at the table and others didn't think it was working and then would light up in recognition when they could hear the spoon scraping the bowl!

Here are past installations I've worked on!
Leave a Message (07)
Art Challenge  09
Birdhouse Gallery Show (08)
Birdhouse Gallery Show (08)
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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Work

I never knew the radio bug would hit with such a force.  I became passionate and to the point of junkie status pretty quick.  I came from a theatre background and after 10 plus years felt I had left it and wouldn't miss it.  I then took my love for audio to movie post production and ended up teaching what I knew about working post on independent shorts.  I was tired of moving gear for theatre and liked post audio where EVERYTHING was rack mounted.

Radio took the live element of theatre and rackmountedness of post and put the two together!  I also loved the fact that David Brown, host of Marketplace, was drinking a tab in the studio, had shoulder length hair, was wearing a KISS t shirt AND talking economics.

Here are some links to where my passion has taken me!

Marketplace Money Beer Brewer and Shoe Designer

Marketplace's Converstations from the Corner Office-Reynold Levy -- although I didn't edit this interview,  I traveled to NYC and  went to the Lincoln Center, collecting all ambient sound as well as the interview and the rehearsal hall music.

Stories Behind the Fur Podcasts

I hope you enjoy checking out these links... This past year, I've been working on a show called After Midnite on Saturdays and designed sound for 2 one actor plays called Blind Dates and Blank- which was Ovation nominated for overall production as well as doing post sound for a friends feature screening in Baltimore and that's what I did on my summer vacation!

This weekend I will be out for a 3 time doing Soundwalk in Long Beach with an art installation called Hot and Cold! _______________________ _________________________________

Monday, September 27, 2010

First Posting

Yes, I know, I know....I already have trouble posting to my current blog, why have another?
Since Stories Behind the Fur is strictly all things mascot, I have the need for a place to post anything I want.  My art, graphic design, rants, raves, culture observations and what nots--
Just another vanity blog!  Hooray! and I hope you enjoy...more excitement to come.  _______________________ _________________________________