Saturday, July 14, 2012

Girls Night on Friday the 13th=Perfection!

We drove and yelled at the GPS as we went our own way in rush hour and then once at Dodger Stadium we ate the dogs, I had magic water, and we flatten pennies for the ultimate souvenir.  The sunset was amazing last night and then after the 7th inning stretch, we moved down to the ultimate upgrade with the finale being able to sit on the first base line and watch the fireworks. _______________________ _________________________________

July Photo Diary-Post July 4th

So July 5 meant a trip to Bricks on Lyons with a few friends for lunch.  It was a good impromptu and got me out of the house.  I caught a glimpse of the succulents in a barrel and snapped a pic.
Then July 6th was another day of being open to the universe.  A friend came over-he brought the meat and I had the veggies plus beer n booze.  He grilled a mean pork chop.
A high noon walk on July 8th made me snap the pic-it was getting hot-not like the 4th!
July 9th was happy hour with Mr. Porkchop-loved that he brought Starbucks in.
July 11 was 7-11 and Six Flags Magic Mountain had a promo going to pay $7.11 after 7pm but the line was long and they ran out of coupons so we went off to Wing Wednesday instead.
Thursday, July 12, was Downtown LA Art Walk-we went to both MOCAs- art always being an inspiration-and it was Young's first time at Starry Kitchen.

_______________________ _________________________________

Monday, July 9, 2012

Momentum lost- #30dayphotochallenge June/July recap

So, I had some trouble posting and keeping up this month.  I've been busy with a ton of stuff so the #30dayphotochallenge doesn't look like it's gonna happen for awhile.  That being said, I wanted to celebrate the friendships and moments I have had lately.  It already feels like I've crammed a whole summer in the past few weeks!  Here's a recap:

I spent time with friends from college and went to see the LA Derby Dolls and visited with friends at my local watering hole-best part is that I can walk there!  Summer solstice wasn't very significant this year, as it has been in the past, but I did manage to get this pic taken!

I started to learn to ride a motor bike and then the next day went and learned to shoot a rifle.  The day ended up with me trying a scope to settle a wager at the end of the range.  I had the opportunity to hit 400 and 600 meter targets at rapid fire.  I also went to happy hour and found myself looking up at my stair case and thinking it was beautiful!  I also so a chester molester van with kidnapped mannequins in it at the mall.  Who would pass up that photo opp?  Lastly, I had a night with my row crew where the girls decided to visit me when I move and we have a meet up in New Orleans- but that night was reserved for Trader Vic's fruity drinks and then on to strippers with the movie, Magic Mike.

I then met up with my audio guy- also named Mike and we hit Thai food.  It feels as if I have to get my quota in on Asian as I don't think the deep South will always deliver when it comes to that cuisine.  Another happy hour--I'm branching out from bourbon and going to a rum filled summer.  I also went out to the movies with a coworker to check out Brave.  It was a treat to go so long with out hitting a movie theater and then to see two entertaining movies in a few days....July 4th meant that I was keeping the masses safe by making sure they stayed out of the fallout zone-which also meant I got a great view and perspective so I snapped this unreal photo of the finale!

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