Saturday, October 1, 2011

To the person who made it possible.

here we are outside Black's BBQ

Here’s to the lady that made it all possible. Mom.  I never seem to muster up the right words or timing for writing about Mom on Mother’s Day so why not write about it on the day that she became Mom and I became, well, ME!
She is probably my biggest fan and supporter.  It meant a lot to me and I was quite a surprised when she told me that I inspired her in all the things I tried and risked.  This while she joined me on my quest to try new things and that was the year we went to Cowgirl Camp.  We weren’t the fastest or the best in riding, but we learned to do girl rodeo and barrel racing and I will always remember the nights closing the ranch bar and then putting our feet into the pool and chatting til we were sleepy.
My guess is that what motherhood is- a reciprocity.  She did such a great job that I have always known I want to be a mother.  Even though it can be exhausting and the hardest job, the payoff is you inspire them and they inspire you.  I hope I get the opportunity some day soon.  She raised me with a lot of intuition and practical sense and her own style and personality and I know that is why I am who I am today.
Thanks Anne Scott- Love, Erin Scott
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Soundwalk Today in Long Beach

Tonight is the big night for Soundwalk-fingers crossed it will be as fun as the last couple of years...


Last year's Soundwalk in Long Beach was probably my greatest success for an installation so far.  It was also as close to performance as I was comfortable with.  The work involved sounds of me eating breakfast the week before--a variety of sounds of bowl themed food-oatmeal, cold cereal, and berries with yogurt.  Although I impressed or at least pleased myself with great recording while performing, I was also a little disturbed that it only took me 3-4 minutes to eat and that my stomach and mouth played as much a part as the bowl and the spoon!  The green and blue cup also made sounds of me preparing tea and slurping it up and also preparing a refreshing glass of ginger ale!

The one thing I missed which would have been a secondary element would have been to video tape the people interacting with the work.  Many folks thought they had to trigger something, some people sat at the table and others didn't think it was working and then would light up in recognition when they could hear the spoon scraping the bowl!

SoundWalk 2010-Hot and Cold by Erin Scott

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Friday, September 30, 2011

Guest Post: my doppelgänger Erin Scott~WHAT MOVES ME TO BE ME

tomorrow is my birthday and I have asked someone I follow on twitter to write what it means to be Erin Scott and she should have a good idea since her name is also Erin Scott.  This post reminds me that yes, since I was three, I wanted to dance, be a dancer, and that sound has inspired me since I could walk.  Thank you Erinberry Scott for the birthday gift of a guest blog post.


I keep searching my backside for the switch. Or, perhaps between my shoulder blades? Do you see it? It must be there. I have to have some sort of mechanical switch.

I have this overwhelming habit of making movements to music—almost uncontrollably so.

I am immediately reminded of this toy from my childhood—Little Boppers. The commercial kills me, because I feel like that is completely ME! When the switch is on, the toy moves to whatever sounds are produced. The toy-makers intention was for the sound to be music, but, if I recall, the toy basically sensed any sound and would gyrate, as promised.

And when no noise was detected…the toy would be still. THAT IS TOALLY ME!

Now, in some ways, this is great, right? I can sit without fidgeting in that three-hour long project meeting—provided no one in the room breaks out into song. I can enjoy a nice meal out with my husband and not have to be concerned that I’ll break out into dance at the table. That is, of course, unless there is detectible move-inducing music playing. Then we’re both in trouble. Even tense action-scenes in movies: if the music or sound-effects are wicked intense, I can’t stay in my seat! I remember growing-up, I was much like my mother, in that I could not fall asleep without the TV being on. Now, I can’t sleep without being void of all stimuli. Otherwise, it’s going to be a long night.

Naturally, of course, I think we can all agree that we have our particular tastes in music. I believe I am driven to move, dance, or even adjust my posture to some kinds of music more than others. And I am not saying any one type of music is superior—but we all have that short-list of songs that move us.

Whether it be movement in our spirit, movement in our facial expression, and often for me a physical action: a dance step or two, a hug, a little game of tug-of-war with my dog, whatever….

I’ve come to the conclusion that music moves me to be me.

What song or words or vibration (yes, sound can be literally felt) or sound (I’m a fan of ocean waves crashing on the beach) will move you to be you today?

Erin Scott
Boston, MA
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