Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day 15 Shitkickers and the fierce walk that goes with 'em

It's always worked this way-I don't like how the people around me are interacting and the boots come on.  Being a Texas girl at heart, I love how boots look with skirts and dresses. The places I've lived, it's been an individual look, for sure.  The look works for me and I love how boots make me walk.  It's a fierce walk, a don't mess with me walk.  In the 4 pairs of boots I have, I'll kick ya in the shins and let the butt kicking begin.  I tell people, I don't like to fight but if need be, it'll be over fast and it'll be dirty-just saying.
After an insane day yesterday, today was definitely a boot wearing day! _______________________ _________________________________

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