Monday, August 1, 2011

Day 16 My personal library

I am a collector and on a bad day a hoarder.  My friends deny it but I have a problem and the addiction is books.  When I had to put things in storage, I had to get rid of over 200 books and when I unpacked after my things being in storage for over a year and a half, my collection still doesn't fit the house.  I need to get on it and read 'em and donate them and share with others.  I love to look through the pics, and if you look at the titles they tell a story of my aspirations to learn languages-both romantic and technical.  I also have always had to hope to being a great designer and those books still linger as well as the love a good story-both fictional and true which shows in the history texts. Maybe someday, I will be the person I want and hope to be. _______________________ _________________________________

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