Sunday, June 10, 2012

day 18, 19 & 20 of the #30dayphotochallege Oxford, MS

day 18 of the #30dayphotochallege I forgot what it feels like to be on a real university campus-and there is something so special. In working at a California Community College, all I could see was a bunch of portable buildings out in the middle of the desert and call it a school--this had history-- we were in one of the few ante bellum buildings on campus.

day 19 I decided to try to be a tourist in Oxford and found out why there are a number of notable writers from this town- there is very little to see or do. In exploring the bar scene, I cut through an alley and came across this reflections of windows on this building

day 20- I did the same five minute walk about Oxford that I had done the day before- blink and you'll miss the town! I laughed and found promise in Oxford population when I saw this stenciled street art. _______________________ _________________________________

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