Tuesday, June 12, 2012

day 23, 24 & 26 #30dayphotochallenge Kings and Current Events and my girls!

day 23 #30dayphotochallenge Kings Game 'nuff said.

day 24 #30dayphotochallenge we had been discussing earlier events of the day and discussing this girl out of Georgia that has been building pipe bombs. I had put out on Facebook that "this girl from Gainsville GA that is accused of building bombs teaches one that Facebook pictures could be used on a news package so bikinis and girl on girl kissing may not be a good idea also saying you're a Christian Anarchist looks a little odd too" where friends had replied in their own ways and I wondered if I could recreate her photos and get a grant for performance/installation art. My boss then handed me this and my bestie at work blurted, "Careful, it's a Bomb!" and I admit I was wondering if this was really his handwriting....

    day 25 of the #30dayphotochallenge 

it was a rocking day with the girls- shoe shopping with Carrie and the Happy Hour with Shawna
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