Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Another #30dayphotochallenge-Days1,2,&3

Day 1: I woke up cranky and tired with a touch of ennui. I then proceeded to hustle it to work where I was greeted with a splat of bird crap on my car, which then made me giggle, knowing that this was the photo I would use today for the start of the thirty day photo challenge!

Day 2: I am stayed with my friend, Tim, in San Diego and I met a sweet but idiot dog named Maynard and his three legged friend Bailey.  That mini vacation was just what I needed!

Day 3: So tired from the trip…the train stopped on the tracks multiple times and so I didn’t get home until late or later and had a tough time winding down. This day went like clockwork and I got through it, thinking long and hard about my time with Tim, celebrating my acceptance into Ole Miss and our conversation of how creatives don’t do well in a corporate environment. I finished the day with a car wash to get the bird crap off my car from day one of the #thirtydayphotochallenge _______________________ _________________________________

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