Friday, May 18, 2012

#30DayPhotoChallenge Day 4&5 Starry Kitchen and Groceries

After my San Diego quick trip, the day was just a get through the day kinda day.  —Good news: I did!  I felt like I had been hit by a truck-probably from trying to sleep on an Amtrak train and I had the makings of a migraine.  I had been eating like a teenager at a slumber party and was paying for it.
I really didn’t have any food in the house and I’m trying to behave- both the health and money budget for the next few weeks.   Recently I have taken a few trips and eaten expensive food (last week’s excursion) as well as taking a trip next week and the week after.  Only excitement of the day was my trip to Trader Joe’s and I even forgot to take a pic of my basket.  That would’ve probably been a better self portrait but here’s the sack it all went in….

It was a Creative Mornings LA morning,  meaning I wake up even earlier than usual on my day off and fight traffic to get to an inspirational talk somewhere in LA on my day off.  It usually keeps me plugged in and energized for the month and I end up making art or writing or something (making me still feel like I “have it”!)
Starry Kitchen was speaking. I was curious what would happen.  Nguyen Tran and his wife, Tri, run one of my favorite places to eat in downtown Los Angeles (Starry Kitchen) and he is a piece of work.  He, like the food, is bold and in your face and his talk was the kickstart I need for summer. I can’t wait to see how my story unfolds, and I can't wait to finally get my rowing friends active for a night out in DTLA and a night at Starry Kitchen!
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  1. When I first saw that sign in Starry Kitchen I laughed out loud so hard I thought I was going to die.

  2. Awww thanks! It was fun for me too. Glad I was able to help kickstart your summer. FUUUUUUUUCK YEAH ;)

  3. I was with a few sheltered women so I let out a few balls jokes myself the first time I visited. I can't wait to bring my rowing gal pals to eat at SK, we plan on having a blast!