Friday, August 12, 2011

Day 22- First and Hope and to cutting the tags

I took this last night (Sunday), and woke up to the dress hanging this morning.  I bought this dress in April and wore it for the first time last night- a night we did up right at First and Hope Downtown Supper Club.  It was cocktails and starters, then mains, then dessert, and then it was back to reality with a free chicken and biscuit Monday morning at the drive-thru. Blood and Sand cocktails were to die for, the crab hush puppies to start then on to the steak, finishing off with chocolate for desert-to lovely.
Back to the dress, this dress was purchased, like the groupon like deal/coupon I had for dinner last night, many months ago.  I always walk the fine line of holding on to nice things instead of enjoying them in a timely manner. I don't want to be that woman/mother that people talk about when they pass away-that these women never enjoyed the nice things or gifts- be it soaps, lotions, jewelry-you name it.

And so on the very last day, as the coupon expired, I spent a wonderful night with my friend Frank.  It was during this that I realized yes, saving is good but sometimes what are we saving for?  I live within my means but to deny myself if I have it is just silly and I'm missing out.  As Frank's cologne lingered on me from his hug, I thought about lots of things on my drive home-how sad it was to not have a fella to enjoy moments like that but what a great luxury to have a friend to enjoy it with!  I have had many people leave my life this year and I have seen that you better enjoy it now and go and do while you still have the ability-things can change in an instant.

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