Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 25-Dark day Wed but Downtown Urban Cave on Thursday

I happened to have Thursday off and as luck would have it, my dentist called to remind me I was due for a check up.  I now sparkle and it also meant an afternoon in downtown LA.  Traffic was insane-I couldn't believe how crazy afternoon traffic could be, but I finally got out of it, got parked and was able to relax.  I then went on a quick walk and a meetup at the Redwood with the engineers of Marketplace.  I miss it but I don't miss the day to day stuff that still goes on.  It's a great team of guys and it's probably a job with one of the best supervisors I will ever have.  I stopped and took a snap of what looked like an urban cave to me.  It's such a contrast to the old buildings I navigated through with the dentist, bars, and galleries of artwalk so I really like the modern lines and feeling of a secret place-almost cathedral like.  I was very much in a 500 Days of Summer location and it was a very good day.

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