Friday, December 2, 2011


Yesterday was a great day filled with many women and many things to embrace. A friend joked that my blog post was shorter than any of my tweets for the day. I was busy as a volunteer and was challenged while working to make
those TED connections but the overall message was about partnerships, mentorships and communication.  TEDxWomen was also about interesting women doing interesting things and being influenced by their mothers and grandmothers to do and take risks no matter what-even if it's the hard way.

I participated in a talkback or break out session and learned more about Domestic Violence that I ever had in the past as this is a subject that, like many others, don’t want to hear about or put on the table. Chrysalis CEO Patricia Klahr was amazing.  In a time of trouble for non profits, I can see why Chrystalis is doing so well and it has a lot to do with the dynamic speaking of it’s CEO. She was the first to talk about the importance of mentorship and volunteerism.  Verizon is a big supporter as this is one of the causes the corporation supports.  Facts that came to light was that one in three women are touched by domestic abuse and that Arizona is number 2 of the fifty states of deaths due to domestic violence and that Scottsdale is the highest in the nation.  In recognizing that domestic abuse is more than physical, the Chrystalis shelter is also progressive in that the new facility is now taking in male victims, where Patricia says that both sexes find strength through each other in the program.  Many questions focused on symptoms or signs and it was more about the idea that we need to reach out to those we think may be in trouble and say something.

I felt so lucky yesterday to be where I am in time and space (2011 America). After hearing female journalists Shahira Amin and Gayle Tzemach Lemmon.  THey talked and featured stories of lady entrepreneurs and those stepping out into polictics-odd that women are half the population yet the numbers in business and government do not reflect this. The talks also reminded me of a conversation ten years ago where earlier female artists couldn’t understand why my generation in not wanting to be identified as feminist -that I was seeing myself not as a woman but as an artist, but to me that is progress.

Another message that ran through was the idea of girls and women learning how to advocate for themselves and to teach girls how to recognize healthy relationships. This idea which seems to be something that can happen at any point in our lives.  Jane Fonda also moderated a panel titled ReBirth and it was educational and inspirational to think about what the third act in life means-to keep moving, learning and staying active.  One fact thrown out is that we are living almost 30 years longer than her great-great-grandparents and we should take that information and start asking what does that mean.

The last panel theme of ReImagine was the reason why I volunteered in the first place.  I heard from two ladies from HomeGirl Cafe who demonstrated that with resilience anyone can change their life around.  I saw the three winners of the google science fair that all happened to be female.  I heard from Shamila Kohestani, a woman who craved education and a chance to move and in so doing became the captain of the first women’s Afgahn National Soccer Team.
If today is any indication of what's to come the future looks very promising I'm very optimistic. _______________________ _________________________________

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