Tuesday, November 29, 2011

#30 Day PhotoChallenge--Remember November last of the trilogy

I have fallen in love with my new camera-the IPhone4S.  It’s taken me into the 21st century and the pictures I am able to document are unbelievable.
So here goes the rundown:
Had a night in the PJs again with my homemade stew and a little bourbon and coke
Went to trivia and hit up the taco truck before Thanksgiving but the truck ran outta food
Thanksgiving at Scott’s aka @InkGigolo with @LadyDucayne mole new fav for T-dinner
Sat with my fav coworker at the end of Black Friday on the patios in Awesometown
started the day with brunch that made me homesick for Savannah
I got a tree
Had a dark day and so featured Bo not Beau-short for Boeing
Came home to a wonderful sunset and a beautiful winter night _______________________ _________________________________

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