Monday, November 28, 2011

Homesick Breakfast

I always hated it when a certain someone would say home is where you hang your hat but 
sometimes I CAN relate.  --this weekend I headed out to do my usual "row the boat" and we had the typical fallout of someone flaking and outta town and another who forgot since their phone was outta order.  Fellow rowing club member thought we should just blame it on her baby-"doing baby things".
Since we were shy the number we needed to row, good friend and myself sent the rest of the group out on the water and we went to breakfast.
Joni's in Marina del Rey is right down from the boat launch/Mother’s Beach and it always reminds me of Savannah and Clary’s.  Both places have a bunch of locals and eclectics as well as tourists and it seems that I always know or run into someone there.  The coffee is great and the food is good-my favorite plate  at Joni’s is the egg sandwich or the berries and waffles where as at Clary’s, I seem to go for the stuffed french toast or eggs toast and bacon. That being said it’s about the people and the magic that is there that brings it all together to become a vortex for a salon type gathering of creatives.  It never fails that when I go to Joni’s it makes me want to be back in Savannah and have an ice tea to go in a styrofoam cup that lasts all afternoon!
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