Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day 12 Mother's Beach Boathouse and Sunset row

Another awesome summer night.  I've been rowing for almost 2 years now and tonight was summer's initiative of sunset row. LA Rowing Club has created a great gathering of a few boats and a few "races" on the marina.  After a workout, many in the group then head out and enjoy a beer and good company.
This was the view of where we wait and gather to get organized.  I have waited many a morning in the cold, asking myself why am I doing this and why do I love this sport?
For starters, it's a non impact overall workout that lets me move and be in the moment and forces me to think of nothing else-similar to my experiences as a child with dance.  I chose this sport, wanting to have something that held me accountable like a team sport but was still very individualistic.  All this came about, but the great surprise was the support and the friendships and the great social things that resulted.  I am also amazed that I am friends with people on a level where we share much but may know very little about what the career is or how they dress on a day to day basis- it's very stripped down.  I had just come to this realization when I say an interview with Judy Starkman on her public art installation the secret life of swimmers.  Maybe it's the water that is a true equalizer, not the sport. _______________________ _________________________________

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