Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 10 Irish Times Trivia

I love playing Trivia here because I meet up with my friends from rowing and get to see them in civilian clothes.  I also love the fact that over the months that we have been playing, we have only gotten a sports question right once and it was last week when I was gone.  The drinks are pricey and the service is terrible but it's fun to see the variety of folks that come in on a Tuesday night to play and converse.  Our team has only won a bar tab once and that has kept us coming back for more.
We came in fifth tonight and it was fun laughing and complaining and sharing the hate for our nemesis teams, Ship It and Delivery's in the Rear, since Fat Kids are Harder to Kidnap has been missing in action.
It shows how much I love this since I drive down from Awesometown to Culver City Irish Times to play and the drive home has been a challenge with highway construction. _______________________ _________________________________

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