Friday, May 27, 2011

That's what I go to School for....Jonas Brothers cover Busted

This was the song of the summer for me my last summer in Savannah 2004.  I knew I was moving back to Los Angeles. I always thought I'd like the city of Savannah if I wasn't in the job I was in-and I discovered the truth in that. That summer I also met my Scotsman-Craig.  He was lovely and quite a few years younger. He started chatting me up at the real O'Connell's- the location before Paula Deen kicked 'em out. I remember flirting back and had my hand on his knee when I he told me he was 7 years younger and I pulled that hand away pretty quick! He was the same age as many of the students I had just been teaching. Craig kept up with the wooing for weeks and he won.  I justified it as he had been earning a wage as long as I had so he was mature-and not being American made him more mature! Yeah!
 What I learned that summer was to laugh and enjoy the moment. I also learned to be open to many more things and quit writing people off from initial impressions. Craig would play this song and tease that I was a cradle robber. This song was in my head and it makes me laugh when the one time at work I looked it up and listened to the Jonas Brother's rendition it had been squeaked up clean by the mouse at Disney.
Here are the two renditions of my favorite pop song of 2004.

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