Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thinking about NewsRadio and what reunion show would you want to see?

I often think about my friend Andrew-my assistant and one of my partners in crime while studying audio at CalArts. Andrew always did things for comedy sake and I continue the tradition to this day. We worked on Reprise's Bells are Ringing and he got the announcer to give the number 8675309 to the extra ending the producer's felt they needed. We were both fans of NewsRadio and would pitch quotes back and forth.
Andrew also added Feliz Navidad with eastern instruments to a Chinese restaurant scene in a show we worked on and I will never forget the day he made the computer talk dirty in the lab too-Oh Pierre, I love it when you touch my hard drive- boy humor never gets old!
Every spring I think of this scene in NewsRadio and today I thought how curious it would be to see a reunion show of this show-taking a poll for the next few days to see what other reunion shows would be worth a gander since networks seem to think Dallas is worth a reunion.

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  1. It would be nothing without Phil Hartman.

  2. I forgot about Feliz Navidad

  3. It wouldn't be the same, but I think Will Arnett might do well in that role (arrogant on air talent, harasser of Andy Dick's character).

  4. Great producing idea, although Andy Dick at this point is a liability problem. Khandi Alexander was a true loss when she left the show as well