Monday, July 9, 2012

Momentum lost- #30dayphotochallenge June/July recap

So, I had some trouble posting and keeping up this month.  I've been busy with a ton of stuff so the #30dayphotochallenge doesn't look like it's gonna happen for awhile.  That being said, I wanted to celebrate the friendships and moments I have had lately.  It already feels like I've crammed a whole summer in the past few weeks!  Here's a recap:

I spent time with friends from college and went to see the LA Derby Dolls and visited with friends at my local watering hole-best part is that I can walk there!  Summer solstice wasn't very significant this year, as it has been in the past, but I did manage to get this pic taken!

I started to learn to ride a motor bike and then the next day went and learned to shoot a rifle.  The day ended up with me trying a scope to settle a wager at the end of the range.  I had the opportunity to hit 400 and 600 meter targets at rapid fire.  I also went to happy hour and found myself looking up at my stair case and thinking it was beautiful!  I also so a chester molester van with kidnapped mannequins in it at the mall.  Who would pass up that photo opp?  Lastly, I had a night with my row crew where the girls decided to visit me when I move and we have a meet up in New Orleans- but that night was reserved for Trader Vic's fruity drinks and then on to strippers with the movie, Magic Mike.

I then met up with my audio guy- also named Mike and we hit Thai food.  It feels as if I have to get my quota in on Asian as I don't think the deep South will always deliver when it comes to that cuisine.  Another happy hour--I'm branching out from bourbon and going to a rum filled summer.  I also went out to the movies with a coworker to check out Brave.  It was a treat to go so long with out hitting a movie theater and then to see two entertaining movies in a few days....July 4th meant that I was keeping the masses safe by making sure they stayed out of the fallout zone-which also meant I got a great view and perspective so I snapped this unreal photo of the finale!

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