Saturday, July 14, 2012

July Photo Diary-Post July 4th

So July 5 meant a trip to Bricks on Lyons with a few friends for lunch.  It was a good impromptu and got me out of the house.  I caught a glimpse of the succulents in a barrel and snapped a pic.
Then July 6th was another day of being open to the universe.  A friend came over-he brought the meat and I had the veggies plus beer n booze.  He grilled a mean pork chop.
A high noon walk on July 8th made me snap the pic-it was getting hot-not like the 4th!
July 9th was happy hour with Mr. Porkchop-loved that he brought Starbucks in.
July 11 was 7-11 and Six Flags Magic Mountain had a promo going to pay $7.11 after 7pm but the line was long and they ran out of coupons so we went off to Wing Wednesday instead.
Thursday, July 12, was Downtown LA Art Walk-we went to both MOCAs- art always being an inspiration-and it was Young's first time at Starry Kitchen.

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