Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 29- Friendly Valley Trivia

Lovely hot day and hot night.  I met LD and Shawna for Jesus Chicken Birthday Party and it was mad house.  It's been a year since ChicFilA moved Awesometown and of course the cow was out in full force, dancing with many grandmothers out to see the kiddos demonstrate martial arts as well as bounce around in an airhouse and sign a waiver to get in a human hamster ball.  It was then off to trivia night to meet the visitors from Oz and hear Nate attempt what sounded more North London as an accent.  I was tired but it was fun listening, laughing, and joking  about how to piss off an Australian! I love how the clouds look as if they are playing and taunting the neon of the building. _______________________ _________________________________

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