Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hart of Dixie

September 26 is the day to be in front of the tv with the channel on CW.  My friend was lamenting this week, the end of True Blood as the season finale has come and gone and while there will be less skin on commercial tv, I have been trying to convince her to get hooked on Hart of Dixie.  
I was lucky enough to see the pilot screenings and panel discussion at the Paley Center for Media for the CW.  Most exciting which the tv guide moderator also pointed out was that the panel had two Friday Night Lights actors-both of which are in Hart of Dixie. Leila Gerstein was charming and she made the point that when she wrote the pilot, the CW was really the only network that still will air hour long comedies or more like a dramedy.  She says she really can’t write serious and it’s a treat to see this story of a fish out of water unfold.  Scott Porter also pointed out the beauty of this show in taking it’s time to tell the story-that it won’t all be packed into one hour long episode.
It takes a lot for me to commit to to follow a new hour long show, and I just hope that it finds an audience and shows that lovely slice of life in the south.  Hopefully it will have a longer run than Lonestar.  For some reason it’s hit or miss when it comes to shows about places other than New York or Los Angeles.
Pilots are an interesting thing-one has to establish characters, a backstory and the promise of a series for a network.  It amazes me how anything in this town gets a green light but I’m so glad that this story gets a chance.  You should give it one too.

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