Monday, September 12, 2011

30 Day Photochallenge Revisited

Yes, I know there are only 28 but I live for symmetry
I just wanted to take a look back at my 30 day photo challenge.  
I had been toying with the idea since my week of misery at corporate headquarters for training.  I was looking for something to grab onto, something to be creative with and something to use as a touch point or at least something to ground me.  It was a few weeks later that one of my students from my first years of teaching was chatting with me over IM and was down and out as I was with not making work and a little lost.  We shook hands on it virtually and said we would start the next day.
We both failed the first day and tired a re-do and on that day it stuck, we both missed a day or two or possibly fudged a few snaps.  My point and shoot camera went out on me and I decided to blog as well, which added another element.  It was hard and it didn’t create a habit like I had hoped, but it did make me live in the moment and celebrate everyday for what it was, even the mundane.  
Others started their own 30 day photo challenge and posted to social networks.  I was inspiring friends and old students a like and that was interesting as well.  I didn’t look at my work as compositionally beautiful but more documentary.  Sometimes I cared, other times I didn’t but like the fact that it made me pause a moment every day.
My challenger got excited and engaged in art-making again. That was exciting.  One night he wrote: “look at the lives we are touching, all of our friends are doing their own photo thing. We are HEALERS Miss Scott!”
I don’t know if I’d go that far but it was great to see the butterfly effect happen in front of my eyes.
Then another ex student wrote “I want to travel the world” ~this status is actually inspired by looking at your pictures.  I love the 30 day photo challenge and everything else you’ve done.  You’re a trend setter.”  After thanking him for the pick me up for the day, I was then pinged back with “Thank you for the inspiration.” 
And later, my challenger communicated again: 
“Have you noticed that more people are posting photos everyday? --At least on my end they are.  There was a lot of talk about the 30 day photo challenge this week at work.  I was surprised people even noticed.  I have noticed more of my friends putting up pics “just for pretty pics sake”--friends that never do that stuff.
We are changing the world Miss Scott, Me and you in our own little way!-Love it.”  and his company started their own 30 day photo challenge.
My mother finally read my blog and felt like they were daily affirmations, which surprised me since many days, I felt that my blue mood.  Although I am not taking photos every day any more-IT WAS EXHAUSTING! but it has changed how I look at the world and it I still keep a busy and jam packed social life but am able to take time and appreciate all things in it and how funny and ironic reality can be at times.
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