Thursday, April 14, 2011

Good Day for Radio

Don't know if I was in my car more yesterday or listening to news more or if it was just a day of REALLY GOOD RADIO! I thought I'd share a few of the gems I heard yesterday-throughout the day in my car.

KCRW's The Treatment replayed an interview with Russell Brand from 2010 where he was promoting his second memoir. In the past I thought the guy could be funny, but this guy shared how optimistic he currently is and how life has changed for him. If he keeps up with interviews like this, I see myself becoming a fan! Now the question is, do I see Hop! or Arthur first.

BBC and WGBH's The World ended the show yesterday with a piece about Clay Ross and Brazilian Bluegrass.  Fun to hear the reporter pronounce bluegrass and from there hear the southern dialect of Ross talk of South Carolina, Brazil and New York.

And while listening to All Things Considered last night, Wade Goodman did a piece on highway driving and driving fast as Texas votes to raise the speed limit to 85!  Fun, since I was there last week and have driven out to El Paso on Interstate 10-it is desolate!  I was only going 75mph as I listened to the report!

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