Monday, December 13, 2010

Wilderness Machine~Wired Store

While in New York, I was pretty happy to be able to go to the opening of the The Wired Store, a temporary bodega, in an old Tower Records shop, right before Thanksgiving.  Of the many things that was a great surprise was a corner with many different art installations and less consumer products to give and get for the Holidays!

I had already been enchanted by Arcade Fire's the WIlderness Downtown website.  I even shared my digital postcard I sent to myself with a few others, so I was surprised and intrigued by a magic machine titled the Wilderness Machine. It takes the ideas and application of the website and prints an analog/hardcopy postcard you take away and plant into the ground.  --the paper has seeds!  Nothing like a little free magic and inspiration for the season-- more valuable than anything you can buy! _______________________ _________________________________

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