Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sympathic Resonance at the Wired Store


Another installation at the Wired Store was a giant marimba by Joshua Kirsch, titled "Sympathic Resonance” . 

I was on the top floor in the beginning and had no idea how this work was controlled or triggered.  The store had just opened and there was a seating area nook of sorts, located right after walking up a staircase. "Sympathic Resonance"  silloutted the view, and in the seating area, a sign said "please ask for assistance" on a gadget.  Sonicly not related to the work, Sympathetic Resonance, was the gadget in question (an alarm of some sort).  Myself being a rules person, I did nothing, but really appreciated the button pusher and his girlfriend right behind me that set off a high pitched alarm that even "assistance" had trouble disabling.

Sympathic Resonance is marimba, (analog in sound), while down below a synthesizer of sort,  being triggered by a touch keyboard on the lower floor.  Sculpturally, it is stunningly beautiful and I wish I had a loft that it could live in.  In many ways, it reminded me of  the wales or prehistoric animals that are often suspended up overhead at a Natural History Museum.  Sympathic Resonance was much more enjoyable hearing others who know how to play piano work the keyboard over my mary had a little lamb recall but it was amazing to look at and beautiful to the ears. _______________________ _________________________________

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