Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Civil Wars cover Elliott Smith's Between the Bars

Every time I hear Elliott Smith, I think of the very intimate performance I saw him give after the Oscars in Minneapolis.  Smith sang this song, but wouldn't sing Miss Misery.  A drunk guy tried to coax him into it and I like to think it was the same guy that sang along with this song.  Smith, on the encore said he just couldn't sing that song anymore and drunk guy yelled-PLEASE? JUST FOR US, WE WON'T TELL ANYBODY!!
Smith was amazed at how calm we were after the warm up band but the truth was, the stage wasn't that high above the audience and once everyone negotiated a spot to see Smith perform, no one moved around that much from their viewing window through lots of other heads.
I always say that I want to go get my picture made by the Elliott Smith mural when in Los Angeles and perhaps the next visit, I will make it happen. _______________________ _________________________________

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