Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Paleyfest- The New Girl or as I call it--It's Jess!

Creator Liz Meriwether
It's Jess!
Last night was an unusual night as a panel.  The sneak preview of the next episode gave us a little more insight into Cece's life, we saw a lot of Nick, and Winston said goodbye to his car.

Before the screening, Liz Meriwether came out and introduced the episode.  The writer and creator sang a little song like Jess and joked with the audience.  I head one person in the audience ask if she was eighteen.  As the panel continued, it was apparent that there is a wonderful collaboration between the writers, cast and crew to create a fan favorite.

To me the show resonates what it's like to be single and in your twenties.  Everyone has an opinion about Schmidt but I feel like I know that guy, just like I know all the characters on the show.  At one point, actor Max Greenfield was joking about his character's relationship with Cece and someone in the balcony yelled JAR! and he through some money in the douchebag jar.  Another fun moment was the fellas talking and laughing about filming the interactive music video and how they had never worked with a choreographer.  Jake M. Johnson showed us his pitiful moves and Max laughed that that was probably the best Jake had performed it! Jake said he thought he could hide in the back but on the day of the shoot he realized he was wrong when he saw the cameras clearing a path to him.
Lots of fun and sweet times for the fans as the cast signed lots of autographs after the talk. _______________________ _________________________________

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