Saturday, October 1, 2011

Soundwalk Today in Long Beach

Tonight is the big night for Soundwalk-fingers crossed it will be as fun as the last couple of years...


Last year's Soundwalk in Long Beach was probably my greatest success for an installation so far.  It was also as close to performance as I was comfortable with.  The work involved sounds of me eating breakfast the week before--a variety of sounds of bowl themed food-oatmeal, cold cereal, and berries with yogurt.  Although I impressed or at least pleased myself with great recording while performing, I was also a little disturbed that it only took me 3-4 minutes to eat and that my stomach and mouth played as much a part as the bowl and the spoon!  The green and blue cup also made sounds of me preparing tea and slurping it up and also preparing a refreshing glass of ginger ale!

The one thing I missed which would have been a secondary element would have been to video tape the people interacting with the work.  Many folks thought they had to trigger something, some people sat at the table and others didn't think it was working and then would light up in recognition when they could hear the spoon scraping the bowl!

SoundWalk 2010-Hot and Cold by Erin Scott

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