Tuesday, November 22, 2011

#30 Day PhotoChallenge--Remember November part deux

Interesting days of up and down--very very lows and very very good in the moments-
so here goes the next batch and a run down of them:

Day off-oil change that took forever and so got lunch and saw this sad reminder of how fast technology and times change--an empty phone booth--friend suggested an art installation out of it and I may just doit
Next day was a night of eats and it was all about the soda machine at WingStop
From that high I hit a major low and had a dark day-undocumented which followed up with
Mom and Dad sent me flowers to lift up my spirits and I then went on to work
Superhero third thursday, working for the city and seeing WonderWoman's invisible jet
Next day was a day of prepping for Thanksgiving and planning how to use the coupons
I then put away the dark day clothes- flannel from my teens and twenties as well as a sweater
     I always know when I'm getting down because the clothes come out
Sunday resulted in a store meeting and many people texting each other in that meeting
Late night meeting going to early morning work and rough day resulting in HAPPY HOUR Monday
and couple of sailor jerry rum and cokes....

Can't wait to look back on the rest of November to Remember! _______________________ _________________________________

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