Monday, October 10, 2011

My Birthday

Here's how my Saturday went! The picture on the left pretty much sums up how the day went. It's been a bad technology day, turning into a week and now possibly the month!

Working in sound means that you are at the mercy of technology and so here's what I experienced:

- tested burned dvd and back up on computer
won't play in both dvd players I have in my possession

- projector you've borrowed and replaced the bulb
on, won't power on due to having to reset the
lamp count with a remote that was never with
the device

OK-MOVE TO PLAN B: just audio-sync the audio off the project and put it on the ipod, pack everything up and head south about an hour. Then come to find out, the site is isolated and won't really work for what is needed. Then I call the event coordinators, trying to say I'm out, I'm done, forget it, I give up BUT
they find me another site and so I start to set up, pulling power from the second socket of a lightpost, WHERE there is already a guy successfully pulling power-SOOOOO
I go to set up and come to find out, there is no power coming from the other outlet and this is all for naught! BAD TECHNOLOGY! most entertaining was the texts my girls sent me including WTF! AW!
and my fave-is the projector working!--LOL!
Mom told me to smile and document it and so here it is documented! She didn't want to soak the stress that I was dealing with but was REALLY impressed that I don't give up and keep fighting til the very end.  Currently though, I'm wondering when to fight and when to call it stupidity when not cutting your losses earlier! _______________________ _________________________________

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