Friday, May 13, 2011

No Diggity Cover by Canasta

I was in Chicago last week and saw a live show/recording of the podcast, Too Beautiful to Live at Schubas.
Funny situation was the show wanted to do call makers and answer a question from the "make believe radio" audience.  I had plenty of material and felt I could contribute to good make believe radio by posing the question if hipsters are this decade's yuppie.  I would talk about my colleague Mike showing up for a meeting in a button down shirt, tshirt over it, 2 different color socks and a trucker hat.  Now I know Mike has probably never driven a truck let alone a tractor and why the mismatch socks-does he have a matching pair sitting in his bureau as we speak?  This material as well as my friend saying there was a new site about how most hipsters are just dressing like their dads-big glasses, facial hair, funny sweaters, etc.  I was optimistic this material could carry on a good debate/conversation.
The show began and I started looking at who was sitting around me.  A girl to my right was a roller derby jammer and the guy to my left was a NPR listener who in my experience was one of those that probably knows more than you about the show YOU WORK ON!  So I turned to my friend a little nervous and stated I had not thought about my audience before posing that question.
The segment came up and it looked as if, as I hoped there was a little preproduction and they had filtered my question out.  No luck there as Luke Burbank read out all the questions-there were only 5 or so.  When Luke read mine, about 5 people right around me screamed CALL HER!
I had my phone on so it would have been impossible to chicken out.  Thankfully or not, producer Jen commented that question could get mean-although I had no malintent- and instead went with a girl they knew and a question of selling off an expensive bottle of gifted wine.  Not good radio as the gal never spoke into the phone or the microphone once but such is live radio!

The group Canasta played to songs for the show and closed the show with No Diggity-lots of fun to hear this rendition and it now will be a good memory ever time I hear any rendition!
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