Friday, February 4, 2011

Trailer Trash, Nomad Lab, One World and a Spartan Mansion

CalArts One World conference started off with a bang starting the morning with an opener/talk from Sam Breen and the City of Santa Clarita. He started with a slide show presenting his story and recent purchase of a Spartan Mansion.  It was an honest talk where he asked the big question of So What's Next? and recognizing that Now the true work starts in learning to become an artist post grad/post art school

Sam Breen talked of  his Trailer Trash project and Nomad Lab. Bitter-lemons wrote about Sam's adventures and plans for this trailer.   He presented his contribution to the community outreach happening in Santa Clarita and Nomad Lab presenting arts for a safe neighborhood.  The question of home and community came up and the kids were encouraged to put to paper how they felt.--one aspect of the Spartan 
The other aspect of the trailer is that Sam hopes to have traveling performance and interaction.

I didn't get to see all that went on last weekend with the trailer, but the evolution and interaction I witnessed with a movement piece was amazing!  Like Brigadoon, the trailer magically appeared and evolved as platforms rose, later a tarp and lights appeared, inviting more audience and the lower right picture shows the magic hour of light and theatre outside on the lawn of CalArts Saturday evening. 

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