Monday, February 28, 2011

Somethin's Missn'

Friend asked for Mellencamp suggestions this weekend and a blog post soon to come will reveal how these 2 things melded.
This video was shot in my "lane" (Savannah's courteous name for an alley), right by my carriage house. These are the steps I've taken many times in my continuous love affair with this mysterious and crazy welcoming town!  I feel the opposite of Scarlet O'Hara who loved Atlanta because of it's newness and did not want to be sent to Charleston or Savannah to visit relatives (too old and established).  For me, there is something in the air, that hint of jasmine and magnolia, mixed in with the sticky air and smell of decay and the paper mill, add in that touch dark magic/voodoo/ghosts and you have the right amount of trouble and excitement for a city girl like me in a small town. _______________________ _________________________________

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