Tuesday, January 18, 2011

LACMA's Fashioning Fashion

There were many things of interest at the Fashioning Fashion exhibit, running now through March 27, 2011. It lays out in amazing ways the changes in fashion and differences of dress for both men and women. I found it of great interest to know that the modern/current men's suit really hasn't changed since the turn of the LAST century as shown in a suit from England from around 1906 or so...
It gives me a grin to see the things humans find sexy since there are so many things that people find erotic. Displayed in a corner of the exhibit were some fetish items. Odd that that corner gets congested! (this was my second visit to the museum and that spot) The curation talks of how Toulouse-Lautrec was an artist of the time documenting, living, and depicting brothels and the women in them. The plaque near these items also talked of the idea of restraint and release (the words alone are quite weighted and powerful) and how tantalizing it could be to have to wait, take time and unlace all those laces on the boots!
When taking a costuming class for theatre studies, it was stated that when men's breeches were short, that a man's calves were like today's abs or arms. Women would swoon and there was even enhancement and padding that men would use to give 'em better calves. It sounds silly but I do know of times where I find myself looking at a man differently after seeing their strong calves so I guess anything is possible erotic or fetish.
Also of interest in the serpentine path of items behind the fetish boots is the other item of fetish interest. Less people go back there as it's the last part of the exhibit. It was a display of ladies stockings. The stockings were bright and elaborately embroidered-all for the slight opportunity of a flash of the ankles of a woman. Under all those skirts, seeing a woman's ankles and tease of a leg was something that would make men go wild.
In these days of showing so much, what is still seductive? What in fashion is something that brings interest and excitement? In these days of celebutantes behaving badly and exposing all sorts of "stuff", what is shocking anymore?  Can't wait to see what will be curated 50 years from now on fashion and fetish. _______________________ _________________________________

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